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How to Edit Entries With or Without Triggering the Conditions

How to Edit Entries With or Without Triggering the Conditions

Editing form entries used to require loading and resubmitting the form. But if your form had any conditions, such as email autoresponders, doing this would trigger them. If you wanted to keep from triggering the conditions, you had to disable them in the form settings. With JotForm Tables, these steps are no longer required. Now you can edit entries with or without triggering form conditions. 

The first step is to view your submissions in JotForm Tables.

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If you want to edit an entry and trigger conditions, select the submission, click the settings icon (with the three dots), and click the Edit Entry option.

Alternatively, you can select the entry, click the More button on the top right of the table, and click the Edit Entry option.

Once you’re done, submit the form to save the changes. 

To edit entries without triggering conditions, double-click the data in the cell and edit it inline. Here’s an example using the Name field:

Once you’ve finished editing the cell, just click outside the editing window or tap the Enter key on your keyboard to save the changes. 

All fields with multiple input boxes, such as Name, Address, and Input Table, and fields with multiple selections, such as Single Choice, Dropdown, and Multiple Choice, will always open a small editing window.

Here are a few examples:

Input table


Single choice

The dropdown, single-choice, and multiple-choice fields also provide a search box when you edit inline. 

All fields with a single input box, such as Short Text Entry, Email Address, Number, and Long Text Entry, will enable you to edit the information within the cell. Here’s an example for the email field:

Alternatively, you can view the submission and edit entries in the View window.

When using this method, you still need to double-click an entry to edit it inline. 

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  • deb

    Question about "edit column Preferences" I have two columns, number format, currency dollar. Payment 1 and payment two. then I have another column Total Payment, that has a fomula to adds it together. How do I edit that column to show currency? Edit column preferences doesn't show up on the menu. and it doesn't allow me to summarize the column by totalling it.

  • redspharmacy

    I need to be able to manipulate the appointment dates without restriction due to cancelations and filling spots