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How to View, Assign and Edit Forms from JotForm Tables

How to View, Assign and Edit Forms from JotForm Tables

In addition to all the new features in JotForm Tables, we’ve also included some of the existing Form Builder features. You can view a form from the table you’re currently viewing, assign a form while in JotForm Tables, and access the Form Builder, all without going to the My Forms page. This will save you time and boost your productivity when managing forms and data. 

There are two ways to view, assign, and edit a form. The first is through the table settings. 

Click the settings icon (with the three dots), hover your mouse over the Form option, and click your preferred action: 

The second method is to click the Form button at the top right of the current table and choose your preferred action:

View Form will open the form in your browser. 

Assign Form will redirect you to the Publish tab in the Form Builder.

Edit Form option will redirect you to the Form Builder.

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Bonus tips

If other forms are connected to the current JotForm Table, the View, Assign, and Edit Form options are linked to their respective original forms. The connected tabs are colored as shown in the following screenshot: 

Click the arrow icon beside the title of the current table, then hover over the View Forms option to reveal the connected forms. Click on the one you want to open.

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