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How to Share Form's Submissions Page

How to Share Form's Submissions Page

Sharing your Submissions Page lets your clients or form users view, print, or download the entire submission data to Excel, CSV, or even PDF. To share your form's Submissions Page, follow the steps below:

1. Go to your MY FORMS page.

2. Select the form where you'd like the Submissions Page to be shared.

3. Click the SUBMISSIONS button.

4. Click the Share button at the top right side of the submissions page.

5. Set your settings, copy the link, and share it. Please visit the following guide for more details:

How to Share Your JotForm Tables and Collaborate

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  • goodrichglobal

    Is it possible to share subscriptions to users who don't have an account? I want to share subscriptions to several different departments but they don't have a jotform account, I tried to share publicly but nothing appears after I click the link.

  • WheatonCollegeForms

    The SHARE button is not available to my sub-users. Is there a way that a sub-user can share submissions to someone without a Jotform account?

  • Prfft

    how to submit a application for jotform

  • Marc Hudock

    Is there way to share form submissions or a report of submissions to somebody privately without them having a sub-user account? We'd like them to be able to access this information as needed but not have account access where they can delete or edit forms.

  • MichaelJohnAinslie

    Thank you for trying. This does not help at all because I do not have a gear icon.
    Please help with another suggestion

  • MichaelJohnAinslie

    Thank you for your response. I follow steps 1,2,3, then I cannot find a GEAR ICON. Please help. I see this correspondence below. Does that apply to me? How can I get out of Sheets view?

    Profile Image
    Asked on August 21, 2020 at 08:16 AM
    i could not find any gear icon on the submission page that i have

    This is a re-post of a comment on How to Share Form's Submissions Page

    Profile Image
    JotForm Support
    Answered on August 21, 2020 at 09:12 AM
    It seems you're using the sheets submission.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to share the sheets view.

    You may however create a report and share the report to your respondents.

    Please check it out and let us know if you need further assistance.

  • Binocularfight

    I just did this for my RCF Grant Application form. When I opened the link generated for the form's submission page in a new browser window (one in which I was not already signed in to JotForm), I got this error message: "Login Required. You can't see the submission data for this form. Please login first"
    There was no place for me to enter the password I created while making the form public. How does this work?

  • anjalijohn239

    I am not able to bring the submissions to the integrated google sheet when I use edit link to fill in the jotform. How to correct this issue?

  • basharturk

    i could not find any gear icon on the submission page that i have

  • David

    I am not able to share submissions of this form. There is no gear icon as described in the article

  • agore333

    Hello, is it possible to share survey responses from the new submissions page (looks different/modified from the older screenshots above)? I don't see a gear button/option to make the new submissions page public or shareable..

  • thipkesorn329

    Why not open share submissions page

  • batyalevy

    How I do I come back later to find the link to the form that I want to share? Is it just the url at the top of the web browser. Is the link to the password protected "public form" different?

    I tried using the url at the top of the browser in a different search engine, and it didn't ask me for the password when I did that.

  • jcym1961

    My forms page looks nothing like this. I can't find how to share submissions. Please help.

  • markryan

    Excellent, but we can't send an alert for an incomplete (abandoned form) submission.


  • srsuwebmaster

    How do I change the password for or disable a download page?

  • y.bartty

    My submissions page looks nothing like that.

  • Jalal

    Can i make submissions page foe each form and share it with different clients?

    Can i use link shorten websites on the submissions page link. And will it stays the same with no errors.

  • Edward Reinhalter

    Is the link real-time? Meaning whenever it’s updated, the viewers can see it?


  • joel.kleppinger

    Does anyone know how to make submitted files also work?

  • bobStanley

    Thank you I never would have figured this out with out your help

  • DenCO

    Can I retrieve the password set for submissions on a JotForm? Is it archived somewhere I can access it, or do I need to reset it?


  • Mike Engel

    How can the person I share the submissions with delete the submissions after they view them?

  • Mariedyth

    When a form submission is set to public does that mean public public or just the users you share it with?

  • MGGSOnline

    Is there a way to password protect the submissions from inside JotForms? We're collecting information where the main user of JotForms is not privy too. We only want the person with the link to view the submissions.

  • BusLaw

    Does this link ever expire, and if so is there a way to adjust this date? Some users have reported being unable to access the submission form after 2 weeks.

  • Carolyn H Beardshear

    Thanks for the quick response. Great service.

  • Taurus Construction

    does that action allow all my forms to be public? and will they need a log in email or name as well as the pw

  • thisonly1

    Does this allow access to specific form submissions only (i.e. only one), subject to the person accessing the form having the password? In other words, they won't be able to see other form submissions, or access any other part of my JotForm account? Thanks.

  • Adam

    If I make the form submissions public, is there a way to make the viewer enter there email address to pull up there form submissions? That way, they don’t have access to see everyone else’s submissions?

  • Wargoddess

    Thank you, that is perfect!

  • necmie

    Is it possible to disable downloading for users with a particular password?

  • veinternational

    Additionally - I heard from some users that the password works on occasion. Not sure if there was a recent change that disrupted this, but we need a way that access to this link through a password works reliably.

    Thanks in advance.

  • veinternational

    How can I check the password for a page I already set a password for and shared? I don't want to reset it because that inconveniences the users I shared the submissions page to. I know I'm using the same password as set but it's not working.

  • nae4ha

    How does a person get the Submissions Page URL again after they click "Ok" on the pop-up window?

  • alessandra.porciatti

    May i share only one form or folder and not all the folders?
    And may i permit a client not to cancel but only to see or expert the submissions?

  • DammMusic

    Is there a way to save the entire contents of the form as a pdf? Including text fields that have no submitted info?

  • ITEX

    It would be great to have a word option to download to.

  • theenglishhouse

    How do we make it so that, the person is not able to delete the submission once inside?

  • sasa999

    1. How make All new submissions public. Automaticaly by default.
    2. I need that they can be accessed by ImportHtml. But =ImportHtml("url","table",1) does not show any results

  • guest_23196021758051