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Explanation of Email Notification and Autoresponder Settings

Explanation of Email Notification and Autoresponder Settings

JotForm has two email alerts that you can setup. We have the Notification Email and the Autoresponder Email.

When you receive a notification email, you can reply and make sure it's received by the person who submitted your form. It's the same if your customer receives an auto-response email from your form which he/she can reply to your email.

How to access your Notification/Autoresponder Email?

1. Click Settings > Emails and choose the email alert you want to set up.

2. Here you can see your existing email alerts. You can edit/delete them, you can see those options when you hover your mouse over them.

3. To create a new email alert, click the Add an email button.

How to use Notification/Autoresponder Email?

A. If you want to send a notification email. You can simply follow this guide: Setting Up Email Notifications.

The notification email has 3 main tabs:

A.1: Email

Here you can change the email subject line and the body of the email template.

A.2: Recipients

Sender Name: The Name of your submitter. JotForm is the default sender name, but you can select the "Name" field of your form or any field you want from the dropdown selection.

Reply-To Email: This should be the person's email who fills out your form. It is attached to your email field from your form.

Recipient E-mail: This should be the email for you, your colleagues, or clients who'll get the response data from your form.

A.3: Advanced

Send Uploads as Attachment: You can enable this option if you want to receive files uploaded in the form via Notification email.

Send on Edit: Enable this option so recipients can receive a new email every time the form submission is edited.

PDF Attachment: Check this option if you want to receive the PDF copy of the submission as an attachment to your form email.

Hide Empty Fields: Enable this option to hide empty fields from received emails.

Sender Email: We have the as the Sender Email. If you want to use the Email Field or Custom Address provided by your submitter as the Sender Email, you can do so but you'll have to setup SMTP through Mandrill. Here's how: Set Email Field as the Notification Sender Email Address with Mandrill.  

Update email: Enable this option so the changes you do in the form will reflect the email content.

B. If you want to send an autoresponder email. You can follow this guide: Creating a Form Autoresponder Email.

Here, the same with the notification email, we have 3 main tabs:

B.1: Email

Here you are allowed to change the email subject line and format your email body as you like.

B.2: Recipients

Sender Name: This should be your name or your company's name. 

Reply-To Email: Should be you, your colleagues, or the client's email address. This is the address where the reply of the user will be sent in case he/she replies to the autoresponder email that he/she receives.

Recipient E-mail: This should be the person's email who fills out your form. It is attached to your email field from your form.

B.3: Advanced

Send on edit: Should be selected if you want to resend the autoresponder email to the user after they edit their submission (assuming that you give them the option to do so).

PDF Attachment: Enabling this option will allow you to attach a PDF of submitted data. You can choose a PDF layout from the available ones that you created.

Attach a File: You can attach a file that your customers will receive via email.

Send Emails Later: You can postpone the sending of the Autoresponder email and send it on a later date.

Hide Empty Fields: With this option enabled empty fields will not be shown in the email content.

Sender Email: We have as the default email address. You can, however, change this by adding your own Email Address. Here's how: How to Add a Custom Sender Address to an Email Alert.

Update email: Enable this option so the changes you do in the form will reflect the email content.

Do you have any further questions? Please let us know below!

If you haven't got started with an email form yet, please refer to the page in the link. 

Contact Support:
Our customer support team is available 24/7 and our average response time is between one to two hours.
Our team can be contacted via:
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  • Melvina Romero

    I continue to try and set up the email auto-responder for the recipients but I can not get it to work. I have followed the steps provided above but it does not work. I'm urgently trying to set this up. Please advise.

    thanks, Melvina

  • gulsahdoruk

    Dear Jotform team,

    I could not find information if there was any available on how to put conditions for autoresponder.
    I have my form in various languages and would like the registrants receive an autoresponder in their respective language as we can do for thank you page. Would that be possible?

  • pvuimpact

    When confirmation email is sent, why does it go to "all registered" recipients instead of each individual registrant. We attempted to send the access link to a Zoom webinar via our JotForm Registration form/document. Instead of going to each registrant separately, it went to all registrants as a group mail distribution list. What happened?

  • fortknoxfcu

    Is there any way to recall unopened confirmation of email after they are sent from JotForm?

  • richardaLIS

    These instructions have been incredibly easy to follow. Thank you.

  • NeverTooHungover

    I have a form that is set up to forward a notification to different employees at my company based on which subject is chosen from the dropdown menu of our "contact us" page. How do I change the email addresses of the people who are receiving these forwards?

  • neven.cuk

    How do I manage so I only got the notification without jotform sending notification to a client?

  • Laura

    Can a recipient of a form have the option to text a response back with the appropriate plugin added?

  • Lian Ellis

    I find your auto respond instructions completely incomprehensible. (And I designed the website I'm trying to place the form on, so I am somewhat computer literate.)

    I already have a booking form with a date picker, multiple choice questions etc. all I require is that when this form is submitted, it immediately lets the sender know the form was received.

    Please advise.

  • Ruben


    I have tree automatic replies, direct, after 3 days and after 7 days.
    On form submission the direct autoreply gets send.
    But is it possible to stop the auto-replies that haven't been send to a specific person?


  • rduerr

    My autoresponder mail is not working

  • Heinrich

    Can I set it up so that I get the notification of a submission and then select what I forward to another? Can I restrict what another party sees of the submission if I send them a link? This is for lead generation and don’t want all the details to go through from my lead to my client.


    Why is that on submission button , 3 mails are getting generated

  • DonnaStamper

    Is is possible to add an email autoreply (set to send on a certain date) AFTER the forms have been submitted? We are trying to send updated event details to everyone who has filled out the form. Will I need to edit each form to get any new emails to send?

    Thank you!

  • EducationInAction

    I would like to send a blind copy of the autoresponder email that goes to 'submitter' to an in-house email. I see how I can CHANGE the autoresponder destination to this address, but not how to ADD a COPY of the Autoresponder Email. How may I do this?
    Monica Hayes

  • robertkaiser111

    What settings do I use to send me a copy of the form, ONLY, after it has been verified by your email link tool.
    The only way now I can see if the email is verified is to log into jotform and check submissions. Then I can see. But, I want to send me or whoever the leads after email verification link.....

  • Ghazanfar Iqbal

    the autosender is sending the customer a copy of the application they have submitted with Jotform advertising at the bottom stating c"complete your own jotform it's free" how do I remove the copy of the application and the jotform advertising and send a bespoke email

  • asimsidiqi

    can we have current time and date on our email notification/ auto responses ?

  • nsmd

    Yes. How do I give the form submitter the PDF document they are requesting by submitting the form.

    The purpose of the created form is to capture someones name and email and when they give me that, but clicking submit I want to give them back an eBook I've created.

  • SarahLee1302

    Is it possible for the auto email response be personalised to include the name of the person that fill in the jotform.

  • jayhobbs21

    Is is possible to send a notification email based on a condition BEFORE they "submit" the form?
    For example, after they answer a question and then select NEXT.

  • dbsunset

    Hi. I've been researching my issue for going on 2 h and I'm not finding anything that addresses it, so here goes. What we want is a pdf version of the EMAIL -- the customized email notification, with all formatting (it has been created to be an automatic invoice). We would like a pdf of THIS, absolutely NOT a pdf of the actual submission form/data because the form has ridiculous headings like "The date you want on the invoice" -- to get clients to input the information correctly. Then we take that info and using the notification email create a nice-looking invoice from it. That email is great. But we would also like to have a pdf version of it -- so that clients can use that to get reimbursement. The email versions will print the email time stamp and our email addresses and other things that look bad on an invoice. The pdf would presumably only have the nice-looking invoice with our logo. Everything I've found in your support network seems to address only getting a pdf of the actual submission data/form, not the actual formatted email notifications. Is there a way to create a copy of the FORMATTED EMAIL NOTIFICATION, not the submission form/data, as a pdf? You guys are total magicians, so I'm assuming there is a way to do this... Hope so....

  • SeaShepherdGlobal

    On my autoresponder form there are no options for Recipient email, and yet I get an error message saying this field is missing on my form.

  • doulacolleen

    Help! I have a text box in my form. I want that text box to show up in the PDF that someone receives after filling out and submitting the form. When they receive the email, my text box (my terms of services that they agree to) is not in the PDF. How do I change this?

  • SouthernUnitedHC

    Is it possible to have a notification email sent only if the form (or field) is changed.


    I have made many forms before, now the "notification and autoresponder" are not working. I have done a test and also a number of people have completed the actual form.
    Thanks in advance.
    Regards, Shanae


    Is there a way to receive a copy of the completed form via account email? I am doing this for an Org membership application and would like to get the completed forms in our email.


    How do I know that the autoresponder email has been sent to someone who has completed my form? is there an email log somewhere? or am I simply to trust that it happened and that I set it up properly?

  • naturalbodz

    I have created a form a while ago and at that time set up my auto responder and email notification.

    I have had submissions to this form already and now wanting jot form to send a 2nd auto responder that I have just created to both the future subscribers and the ones that already have and are in the database of the particular form.

    Will this occur as I am not sure if I need to send an email outside of jotform to the mailing list or am to expect that this will do it for me.

    Your advise will be much appreciated and I can provide the form link should you need to see the 2nd autoresponder and how it has been set up.

    Kind regards


  • leeanndumas

    I have email notification set-up for a form that has been working correctly for a year and now one of the recipients is not receiving it. I have deleted her name and re-added it. I deleted the notification email and started over. She has checked her spam and junk folders. The IT department here is trying to find an answer. I tried looking at the question submitted by another user above, but when I click on View Answer it just takes me back to My Forms.

  • Milva

    where can I see if the autoresponder email has been sent correctly to the submitter of the form? is there also any statistics about the autoresponder email?

  • calebthomas

    All good, sorted

  • calebthomas

    Hi, I have 2 email notifications set up, They used to work but now i dont get any emails...
    Is there any reason why this doesnt work anymore?
    I have checked the email addresses, they are definetely correct

  • bburnett815

    I see that within the last 6 weeks or so, you've changed the "Emails" interface. Today when I went to edit and test the Autoresponder1 email (for, I set the Reply-To email to a specific desired gmail address. But when I tested the email and clicked on Reply, the Reply-To email address was . Is this a bug in the new interface or something I'm doing wrong? Thanks.

  • Crossways

    Next question- I need two emails in this spot. How do I add two!?

  • Crossways

    When I change my recipient email it says its sending and email to my default email address. I don't want that to happen. I need a different email put in to a few of my email responders that is NOT my default. HELP!

  • tf323


  • tf323

    I have changed the title of the Notification email from "Notification 1" to "Enquiry from website" but when the email comes through it still say "Notification 1" as the title of the email. Am I doing something wrong?

  • moneyroom

    Hi, where do I put the email address I want my forms submissions sent. I want the form submissions sent to my email address, instead of coming back to JotForm to get the info.


  • lalgeorgek

    As per the condition given autoreponder email is working in all the desktops but only if i submit from a particular desktop the mail is not getting delivered.

  • Joyce Lim

    I have been trying to send test mails but so far have not received a single one. I didn't change anything except recipient email and it is correct. What am I missing?

  • sproggy

    I am trying to change my email address (to receive my forms) as the one I originally made for this form no longer exists...

    But although I change the email address in
    the "Reply-to and Recipient Settings"- when I click on 'test email' Jot form ignores this and sends it to the default email address!
    (Which no longer exists).

    Please, how do I change my default email address?

    Thanks, Alison.

  • Onat Doğan

    Despite going to change my e-mail address e-mail first record I do What should I do

  • brianatbad

    is it possible to send these notifications to a back log of applicants? for instance, i have had 10ppl complete a form and now i want to create a new email notification to be sent to those 10ppl and any new ones. thx!

  • econugenics

    Is it possible to show the billing address on the notification emails sent once the form is filled out?

  • Acquirelearning

    In the Reply to Email - How can I get 2 Emails???


    Hi i have a question.

    is it possible to create a alert for particular email headers . so that if the person does not reply to the particular mail for 1 hour it should trigger a alert or mail stating mail has not been replied for the inbound mail in the past 1 hour kindly check it

  • OSES

    I have tested the autoresponder and no one is receiving the email once the application is submitted. I have set up several times and still no response. Please help!

  • jkadwa

    i have quite a long form and want to only view fields which have had a response when the auto responses are sent.

  • bigsplash1

    I'm talking about the submitter not getting another email if they fill out the form again. I need to be sure that they get a response no matter how many times they fill out the form. please help