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Form Designer Tutorial: Let's create fantastic forms!

Form Designer Tutorial: Let's create fantastic forms!

Form Designer is a life saver, an awesome new feature that will simplify your life. Our users are excited exploring the incredible potential this tool has. Here's a brief introduction.

And here you have a video course of 10 lessons explaining Form Designer Basics in order to help you to discover its amazing potential!

Video Course: Form Designer Basics

Learn the new Form Designer from these 10 short episodes.
Master the new form designer to build awesome looking forms,
impress your visitors, and increase your form response rates.
We can't wait to see what'll you come up with.
  Colors   Fonts  
  Colors Tutorial   Fonts Tutorial  
  Spacing   CSS Inspector  
  Spacing Tutorial   CSS Inspector Basics  
  CSS Editor   Submit Buttons  
  CSS Tutorial   Buttons Tutorial  
  Adding Logo   Device Previews  
  Logo + Cover Tutorial   Device Previews Tutorial  
  Error Styles   Background Image  
  Error Styles Tutorial   Background Image Tutorial  
Creating great looking forms with CSS Form Generator is simpler than you think.

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  • etricelunyai

    I need some help on how to create a jotfrom please

  • HopeIDWA

    I want to add my own text to a new form - How do I do that?

  • uqhalls

    I am trying to get one configureable list widget (#input_276) to be spread across my whole form (, but I can't get the CSS to do it correctly. There are only 3 columns, but they still show up as being small text box sizes, but you can't see all of the information in them.

    I need some help please.

  • iptc

    I want to change the sequence of Name label to be

    last-middle-first. How?

  • killcliff

    Updated August 20, 2019... and none of the videos work?

  • friendly2456

    Everything on this site is
    perfect. It will not perfect when I use it. Because everything when I use it is
    weird. Different all the time.

  • Adnan

    1. What is the logo size I have to use in my form, my logo seen very big in my form and not full logo.
    2. how to make order form with payment term cash on delivery.
    3. My currency is not available in your currencies list, my currency is JOD (Jordanian Dinar).

  • tjlphd

    I cannot find this advanced form designer tool! I followed the instruction but don't see it.

  • Flo53

    I really not understand

  • adzarr

    My form designer only has three items; PALLETES, THEME, CUSTOM. I can't find the CSS options.

  • fcourtney

    I cannot find the form designer feature.

  • Mathueus Garcia


    Can you help me? I can not put the fields side by side.

    My questionnaire will have many questions, putting one field below the other will leave the questionnaire very big and tiring. This may influence the failure to complete it.

    Sorry for my English, I'm using Google Translate.

  • angela_hardy

    I'm removing the border around my form but it won't go away - please help. I don't want to see it when embedding on my website as none of the other forms have borders.

  • liweide


  • richnb1974

    The form i see on my website isn't reflected by what i see in the CSS designer. How come?

  • TAG2010

    When I use the preview button on my jot forms account I don't see anything that looks like the device preview tutorial. I'd love to be able to see how it looks on smart phones, etc.

  • sccreslife0621

    I'm having a small issue, i'm sure I over looked something. How do I change the font color of the input text while filling out the form? On my for the default color is white, I'd prefer to change it to black.

  • Franky

    This is great work keep it up we love it

  • miyu

    Thanks for those videos.
    Helped me to learn about Jotform and to want use it. :D

  • Monica Stutzman

    Great tutorials- can't wait to try out the features!