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Import App: Easily Import Your Excel or CSV Data into JotForm

Import App: Easily Import Your Excel or CSV Data into JotForm

NOTE: submissions imported via the Import App count as real submissions. Be mindful of the fact that your account Submission Count would get impacted, which may result in reaching your account Monthly/Total Submission Limit.

Importing your data in Excel or CSV format to your jotforms it's never been so easy. Here is how:

1. Go to

2. Click the IMPORT SUBMISSIONS NOW button.

3. Authorize the app to access your forms by clicking the ALLOW button.

4. Select the form you want to import the data to then click CONTINUE.

5. Check out the formatting given by our import tool. It will tell you what the headers in the CSV or Excel file should be, so that the imported data is handled properly for you, so we suggest reading all of them carefully before going to the actual import.

*This ensures that all data goes to the right place, but do not worry, all you have to change is the column names/headers and that should not take long if you following these steps:

6. Take a look at the format we get from the import tool:

"3_First Name_textbox", "4_Middle Name_textbox", "5_Last Name_textbox", "6_Address_address", "11_Gender_radio", "7_English Class_dropdown", "8_Math Class_dropdown", "9_Science Class_dropdown", "10_Comments_textarea"

"sample input text", "sample input text", "sample input text", "356 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York, New York State, 10009, United States", "option3", "optionName", "optionName", "optionName", "sample input text"

7. Take a look at what we have in our CSV file:

8. Now, start matching from the first label, in our case it's "3_First Name_textbox".

We will be replacing "First Name" which is what we have in our CSV with "3_First Name_textbox" which is given to us by the import app.

Done? Great! Now let's do that for the other fields as well and we will do it by just repeating the same steps as above.

*Note that the address field is different, we must combine the data into one header even if your data is stored into multiple fields / columns.

For example: The address field, might be imported with just one header for it, but your file might have several fields for the address data. The tool will replace these fields:

"Street Address","Street Address Line 2","City","State / Province","Postal / Zip Code","Country"

with just this one:


*This would require that you not only change the headers, but to apply the changes to the address data as well.

Following this, we continue as previously mentioned, one field at a time.

- This is what we end up with:

Checking again, it shows us that we have set everything right and that we are ready to do the import.

9. Click the SELECT SOURCE FILE button and select the XLS/CSV file that you want to import into the submissions of your JotForm and then click the IMPORT button:

10. Please wait for the import to finish and if all goes well, you should see the Results page:

If you take a look at your submissions you will be able to see something like this:

If you do happen to have some errors or difficulties our support is online and they will be happy to assist you, just make sure that you copy the error code.

Notes to consider:

- If you have one more field to add, which is shown in your CSV file (or Excel), these fields are not shown by import tool, then:

1. Open the form to edit it from your MY FORMS page.

2. Add a matching field on your form (you can find all the form field elements on the left of the Form Builder).

3. Mark it as hidden (right-click on it and click HIDE).

4. Go back to import tool and refresh the page.

You should now see a header for this new hidden field in the import tool as well, allowing you to add any important data that you had before, but that can not be shown as a new field on the form to others.

- If you are not going to be using our default Address Field but will use different Textbox fields to capture the data, you would not be asked to combine the headers and address data into a single field. This is why it is important to check your import tool before the actual import.

What you end up with?

A fully functional jotform, with all of the data you had, saved, and at the same time, it is looking the same as the original :)

Contact Support:
Our customer support team is available 24/7 and our average response time is between one to two hours.
Our team can be contacted via:
Contact JotForm Support:

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  • HGUZagreb

    I have downloaded submissions in excel and in csv format and try to import with excel and with csv - it doesn't work. With csv file - results are: 0 Submissions Created. 25 Fields per Submission. In the table where I Imported those submissions they are not there, so It doesn't work. Can you please tell me what can I do?

    Thanks for answering, Slaven!

  • jweinberg


    I have it set to send a confirmation email to an email saying they have created an order. That is not working. So there is no confirmation of an order email.

  • jweinberg

    When I use the import it does not send it over to google spreadsheets as I have it set up. Does the integration not work when you import?

  • drdit

    I'm trying to import responses for a survey that has star rating questions. However, these questions don't appear as columns on the import screen. It's only allowing for text/radio button responses. Please advise.

  • fieldmarketingclif

    I am separating my combined field option answers with a ',' and it is showing up as [ for those amounts when I upload the file (For example. 0,50,50,0,0,0,0 shows up as [ [ [ [ [ [ [ )

  • lostudiong

    When I go on "import submissions now" nothing happens...... I tried to use different browsers, but nothing

  • Mark_Moxon

    cannot log into import app?

  • nelsoncameraclubweb

    I finally managed to import my data, except for 1 element - a 'Unique ID' which is a hidden element and simply doesn't show in the excel headings. Any suggestions for a workaround?

  • lbssustainability

    does the "appointments" Import work work? No Matter what I change I can't seem to get the import data option to recognise the "appointments" column to appear.

  • margie mechanic

    How do I import an excel file that does calculations. for example:

    Number of Bridesmaids cost per service sum
    3 100 300
    Number of Flower gls cost per service sum
    2 50 100

    Total Fee 400

  • gillie9

    The link below doesn't allow me to sign in, it just keeps saying 'please log in' even after it says 'successful login'.

    Please can you help?

  • ellenkakareka

    Any idea why, when i try to login to Jotform from the link you provided to Import Data it says Login Successful but then never directs me to the app?

    I also tried "forgot password" but haven't received instructions to my email...

  • centrumpaele

    Is it possible to
    1. send the data from a form to Excel
    2. Make some (multible) changes in the Excel
    3. And then import the list again to the JOT-Form, and be sure that the data is going into the right record

  • Karen otto

    How do you suggest combining multiple fields for an address into a single cell for importing? Is there a required delimiter for each section?

  • Carpenter277

    having trouble import spreadsheet to jots form...can you assist me please as Im sure I don't have it formatted properly

  • lakeviewrock

    I followed the instructions to import a new excel file to the form The new Excel is not replacing the old Excel data.
    Please help

  • providergroup

    Hi Jotform Team, The bulk submission works, I tried it and checked the submissions. However, is there a way where those email I submitted in bulk will receive the auto-responder email I set up? Looking forward to your swift reply. We need this solution asap. Thank you.

  • CitroBND

    Sorry now in English:

    Hi! The .xls import file wich is generated from my Form isn't show examples in all questions. And it jumps from 77 to 125 leaving many fields outside. What can I do?


  • CitroBND

    Hola! el archivo de importación que se genera no me da ejemplos en algunos casos y se salta del 77 al 125 dejando muchos campos de fuera, que hago?

    Gracias y saludos

  • NCET2

    I only uploaded 10 submissions. But it created 266 Submissions Created. I only have 10 submissions on my file. The remaining submissions are all blank. I use CSV file.

  • NCET2

    I only uploaded 10 submissions. But it created 266 Submissions Created. I only have 10 submissions on my file. The remaining submissions are all blank. I use CSV file.

  • NCET2

    Hi what does Fatal Error: The File could not be uploaded. No Submissions created. mean?

  • nwgaresa

    It appears as if the Yes/No cards and the multi-field cards are not getting picked up by this tool. Those cards are not appearing in my sample import templates.

    Please help!

  • rclayman

    This was helpful, but can you please add something about the fact that the date format must be
    YYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss (that is what was written in my thread, but I think it should be YYYY correct?

    I also learned that with CSV the columns headers and data should always be in double quotes however with the Excel sheet the data should be without double quotes. This should be added to this helpful guide as well.

    Anyway, thank you and maybe you will help others if you add these 2 things to your guide.
    Emily W

  • thatchamtornadoes

    I have membership details (names address etc) in an excel spreadsheet which consists of data entered via jotform (and then dowloaded to excel) and appended to legacy data which was manually entered. If I import the legacy data from excel to jotform would I be able to send an 'edit submission' link from the imported data to each persons email address so they can be update their record?
    Best Regards

  • iwansudrajat

    Can we import only some selected column/field ? thank you

  • RefillMyBottle

    Hi, I am trying to import form from a csv file. Right now, I am just testing the process so I litteraly did:
    - paste the top row as indicated in the import tool in a csv file
    - paste the example that was given in the import tool
    - select the file and launch the importation
    It did created the submission but only created 1 field ( the first one "your name")

    -> header
    "5_Your Name", "6_Are you...", "7_What's the name of the Refill Station?", "9_What kind of water do you offer?", "10_Is the water free?", "8_If not free, how much do you charge for a 1 litre refill?", "11_When are you open? ", "12_You are open from", "13_You close at", "14_Phone Number", "15_E-mail", "16_Website", "25_Facebook page", "26_Instagram", "27_Twitter ", "24_Description of your place", "28_Where are you/Which local Refill community are you part of?", "29_If no established community is suitable, please tell us where you are", "17_Take a photo of your business", "22_Please use the map below to find the correct location of your business/the fountain. Please drag the red pin to the right location if needed", "20_if the tool above is not precise enough, paste a link to your location"
    -> first line
    "Smith, John", "updating an existing listing?", "sample input text", "Tap,Gallon", "Yes, but a donation is appreciated,No", "sample input text", "Wednesday,Daily,Thursday", "07:30am-10:30pm", "07:30am-10:30pm", "01562, 8918929", "", "sample input text", "sample input text", "sample input text", "sample input text", "sample input text", "Bali", "sample input text", "sample widget", "sample widget", "sample input text"


    I tried this to move a form data from one JotForm to another and found it to be ineffective.

    The use case I'm trying to solve with this solution is as follows:

    1) I have 6 JotForms that are virtually identical, except for one prefilled field. (This is by design - someday I may get more efficient.)

    2) The user needs to select the correct JotForm based on the submission type.

    3) The user selects the wrong form and inputs the data.

    4) I want to move the data from the current form to a different one.

    6) Since all forms have the same fields and field labels, I expected to be able to export the submission to Excel, clean out the submissions I do not want to import, and then import the submission into the correct form.

    7) The problem came when I found the headers the import requested were not the same as the new form's.

    8) I copy/pasted the new headers into my spreadsheet and went ahead with the import, but received several errors on the data. Several fields had not copied over in the same format as the form.

    So, I'd still like a solution that lets me move form data from one form to another.

    Or I need to use one form for all and parse the data elsewhere.


  • typeadesign

    It won't import my form on either Mac or Windows OS, in any browser. I get this error:

    Fatal Error: The File could not be uploaded. No Submissions created.



    Can I get a contact name and number to talk about our requirements? We have few technical questions.

  • Mksville

    I get this error message what can I do?


  • Kailash108

    In this app it is written:
    ".xls template format"

    I tried many times an it was not working. When I changed the file to .xlsx, it worked.
    ***So it is written wrong***

    When I import 88 submissions, it will import 253. These extra rows are empty except the column for submission date (and ID and Submission ID when exported again).

    The Date is destroyed when imported from Excel.
    What to do?

  • Kailash108

    Your example with the address field can not be understood:

    "This would require that you not only change the headers, but to apply the changes to the address data as well"

    Because in your example picture you mostly have empty columns ("","","","") in the address field. And it seems you just deleted the columns but mine are not empty as yours.

    So, how do I adjust the data (I use a .xls file)?
    Shall I move the content of all the address fields into one single address field?
    If yes, how shall I separate the content in this one single column so it will be imported correctly ***and can be exported properly to Excel again*** with all the new data which is to come in future. (by a tab, a semicolon or how?)

  • Leah_Elly

    is there a way where those responses be directly save on google sheet like other form builder?

    Need your response here.

  • exchangepress

    I have successfully imported my data, but I want to send edit links to each of the individual respondents. How can I generate these URLs?

  • linathany

    I'm trying to import the purchase order data portion of my form from excel/csv but only columns for text boxes are displayed. Is there a workaround?

  • kaymodeste

    I don't believe this addresses my issue. I already have an excel template of export documents. Instead of designing the forms I would like to upload the excel TEMPLATE to jotform. How can I do this?

  • SaintsWebmaster

    I would like to be able to preserve the import date or edit it after import. Is this possible?