How to Import Data in Jotform Tables

December 22, 2022

Not to be confused with Import Submissions.

Jotform makes it easier than ever for you to import data and manage your data in Tables. You could either import your data into a new table or to an existing table.


  • The Reply and Edit Entry options are disabled for imported data.
  • To update the imported data, double-click a cell to perform inline edit.

Importing Data into a New Table

Here’s how you can import your data into a new Table:

  1. Go to My Tables and click Create Tables.

Note: You can also access My Tables using the quick access menu in My Forms.

  1. Next, select Import Data.
  1. Afterward, upload your file then click Import Data.
  1. Change the column types if needed then click Complete to start the import process.

You can now manage your imported data in Jotform Tables.


Importing Data into an Existing Table

To import your data into an existing table:

  1. Click Add Tab in Jotform Tables.
  2. Choose Table then click Next.

You can also choose any of the other tab styles.

  1. Afterward, select Import from file then click Next.
  1. Upload your file then click Next.
  1. Change the column types if needed then click Create to start the import process.

A new tab will appear and you can now view and manage your imported data in the new tab.

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