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How to Check Invoices

How to Check Invoices

Steps to check and get your invoices:

1. Click on your profile image and then click your username to access your My Account page.

2. Click the Billing tab.

3. Scroll down a bit in the billing tab, and you should be able to see the Invoices section. Click on View to reveal your list of invoices.

4. Click on the "view" link on each invoice to see their details.

For credit card payments, we use Stripe, and Jotform generates the invoices. Stripe also sends a separate receipt to your account email. 

For Paypal payments, the invoices get generated by Jotform, but at the same time, Paypal sends a separate receipt of the payment. 

For Purchase Order, Wire Transfer or Check, we use BlueSnap as our payment processor. The invoices are sent to the billing email once the payment is cleared. If it is not available in the Invoices section, please contact us at our support forum.

We also use FastSpring for Credit Card and Paypal payments. FastSpring generates the invoice for your payment. 

Additional Information:

***VAT ID number is added upon request if the initial payment/invoice does not have it. 

***If you get charged, but you cannot see the invoices, please contact us at our support forum for assistance. 

If you have any trouble accessing the billing page, please post a comment in the comment box below or head over to our support forum.

Contact Support:
Our customer support team is available 24/7 and our average response time is between one to two hours.
Our team can be contacted via:
Contact JotForm Support:

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  • Tor Porter

    I love the idea that I can log in to find invoices, however I'm not the person who places the orders/use the account. Someone else is. They have a log-in. I do not. They should not share their log-in credentials with me. I work in accounts and need the invoice. They don't. Do you have a solution (multiple log-ins linked to one account). If not, this information is useless.

  • salrid

    thanks, for the information but I only see every tab but "BILLING" and I just changed UN and PW and billing tab is not there...i'm not understanding what's going on with this account.

  • Event2018

    If I use my credit card to upgrade my plan from free to Silver after date 20th. The invoice will automatically show up immediately or not? Coz, I need the invoice to our accounting department by the end of this month.

  • Saskeia

    How to collect the cash

  • 30011879

    Ya hice el proceso que me indican. He hecho el pago por transferencia bancaria como he adjuntado en la imagen. El dinero debe estar ya ingresado en vuestra cuenta, pero mi plan no ha mejorado a plata y necesito el recibo de la compra para registrarlo en nuestra contabilidad.

  • noreply873

    Can you please email automatically the invoice by email? Getting the invoice this way creates a lot of red tape in our company.

  • gabe.lee

    I requested to see the Credit card used etc but was sent to this link..

  • tmellers

    These instructions are great but not giving me the information I need. It keeps stating that I have a "free" account but I have the Silver plan.

    I just need an invoice.

  • Gidonas

    Thanks, I found it,

    However, is it not possible to make the invoice to the name of "Blaisantkerk" instead of gidonas?

  • Xaviercharter

    I need an invoice for the 2019-2020 school year for my accountant how do I do that. All I can see is the old invoice for 2018


  • diamondstudio2017

    How can I print them for my accountant?



  • Ravi Baskota

    How to chek invoice in hungery country

  • I need to show the month's dates of service from ___ date to ___ date

    invoice only reflects date of payment, not dates of service that were included in that payment.

  • peninsulafirstaid

    thanks so much

  • MainlineDelivers

    User Name: MainlineDelivers
    My Name: Nick Cua
    My Email Address:
    My Amex Card Charged ends in: 6006
    I wish to confirm that my account will allow up to 25 forms and that I won't be charged more than $ 19.00 per month?
    please email me

    When will credit be issued to my account?

  • GraduateSchool

    So why did I not get the discount this year? I paid the invoice and had to pay $190.00.

  • mortgage_forms

    Good Morning,

    How do I automatially forward or add our accounts payable department to receive invoice receipts?

  • jansteinar

    We want our invoices automatically sent to
    You really have to make managing invoices easier and more intuitive.

    Jan Steinar

  • snowlime

    Hi Support team,

    Can you show me sample of receipt?

    Best Regards,

  • uganrc

    I see the invoice. What I was trying to say is that before your company could charge our card it got changed by our school district office. I have updated the credit card information now, but we never received a charge for the April invoice.

  • Clairmont

    Thanks! Can you correct the email address for receiving invoices?

    It should be the same as the address in our website Profile:

  • otisguy

    thanks I am not up until 8/2018. How do I sign up for another year on the new offer?

  • ardantes

    Thank you for your answer, but after opening the link I can view the invoice only.
    How to download this invoice?
    I need to send this invoice to my accounting office.

    Best regards

  • deliagrigoroiuea

    Hi, there is no page named Billing, and since I do not have subscription anymore, I cannot see my invoices. How can I get them?

  • KWhitman

    This page:

    is out of date. There is no link to Billing. We were charged $45 for Jotform and need the receipt for our accounting department.

  • anthonyhumeau


    we will keep the Silver monthly plan.

    Please delete the Premium monthly plan

    Thank you.