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How to Use the Spreadsheet to Form Widget

How to Use the Spreadsheet to Form Widget

Are you hoping to populate your form fields from an external Excel Sheet? Perhaps you wanted to pull existing records and display them on your form? If so, your long wait is over. Meet the new Spreadsheet to Form Widget.

The Spreadsheet to Form Widget allows you to upload a spreadsheet to your form and use the values you have on the spreadsheet to pre-populate the form. By using a unique code present on each row of your spreadsheet, you can access that specific row when it matches the unique code entered on the form. Think of it as querying a database using the Unique Code as the key index.

Before we proceed, here are some limitations and key points you should be aware of:

1. The widget requires an .xls, .xlsx, or even a .csv file and it won't accept any other format.

2. The Unique Code on your sheet doesn't necessarily need to be on the 1st column. You can place it anywhere for as long as you configure the widget with the respective column index (more on this later).

3. The Unique Code is case-sensitive.

4. The Column Names on your sheet should match the Field Labels on your form.

For example, if your form fields were labeled like this:

Then, the column names on your sheet should be labeled exactly the same.

Fullname > Email > Time > Short Text Entry > Long Text Entry > Dropdown > Single Choice > Multiple Choice > Star Rating > Scale Rating

5. The arrangement of the form fields on your form won't matter even if you have other fields in between. What's important is to ensure that the Field Labels and Column Names match.

6. The Widget only supports the following fields:

🔘 Full Name

🔘 Email

🔘 Time

🔘 Short Text Entry (Textbox)

🔘 Long Text Entry (Textarea)

🔘 Dropdown

🔘 Single Choice (Radio Button)

🔘 Multiple Choice (Checkbox)

🔘 Scale Rating

🔘 Star Rating

(all other fields not mentioned on the list above will not work with the widget)

7. When the Unique Code is correct, the values inside the fields to be populated will be cleared and replaced by the values fetched from the spreadsheet.

If everything above looks good, let's get on with it!

Step 1 - Prepare your Spreadsheet and Form.

Step 2 - Add the widget to your form.

Step 3 - Upload the spreadsheet you'll use.

NOTE: The bigger the file, the longer it will take for the data to load on the form.

Step 4 - Setup the other options on the widget.

Access Code Column

The Unique Code column index. This will help identify each data row you want to appear on the form. Say, your Unique Codes are placed on Column K in Excel, then you type in K on this section.

Labels Row

The column labels row number. This will identify each column label and fill in the exact question label from your form. Same idea applies if your column labels are on Row 1, then type in 1 on this section.

The other options, Fill Button Text and Loading Message, are relatively straight forward.

To test it out, here's a demo form:

And here's a screenshot of the actual data within the spreadsheet used for this form:

If you want to use this same spreadsheet to do your own tests, feel free to download it from this link.

Questions? Don't hesitate to post them in our Support Forum.

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  • S_Health

    Hi we're having the same problem as everyone else. Can you please help? It seems this issue is on your end and it's greatly affecting our business.

  • TREF_forms


    The Spreadsheet to Form widget can be set as a required field, but it doesn't operate as a required if successfully validated. Is there a way to require the user to hit the button before moving submitting the form? Presently a user can simply type anything without pressing the button to satisfy the required condition.

  • hrlmw

    I have same problem with others. Everything work fine until this monday, all fields don't populate data and not show any errors.
    My form

  • MJoad

    I would like to create a form using the Spreadsheet to Form widget with a variable number of multiple-choice checkboxes for each of 100 surveys I send out, and the names of each checkbox in each survey will be different. So for the first survey, there are two checkboxes visible in the survey and their names are: CheckboxName1 and CheckboxName2. For the second survey, there are three checkboxes visible with names: CheckboxDiffName1, CheckboxDiffName2, and CheckboxDiffName3. For the third, there are two checkboxes: CheckboxYetDiffName1...etc. For the fourth survey, there are nine checkboxes. Is this form with variable number, uniquely named multiple-choice checkboxes possible using the Spreadsheet-To-Form widget? Possibly in combination with a Configurable list widget? Thanks for your assistance.

  • claybenjamin

    is there a way to accomplish this same concept using the jotform tables rather than an external source? I have one form that populates a table and I want to use that table to populate a different form.

  • HOMktg

    Haven't changed anything on the form and suddenly yesterday, the fields don't populate and the widget is showing an 'internal error' message. I noticed that my .xlsx file is showing up as a .doc file and upon several attempts to upload the .xlsx file again, it's still showing .doc in the widget and is not working.

  • Matthew

    Same issue here. Everything was working fine. Now, at least on mobile Safari, fields are not completing. This is a pretty big problem - forms just don't work now.

  • twizzlas02

    Good morning,

    Having similar issues as gilesoh. Spreadsheet populated fine last week and now no fields are completing (but no error message). Please advise.

  • gilesoh

    Hi, my spreadsheet to form widget worked correctly yesterday.

    No changes were made this day but now it does not populate even a single box.

    This error applies to all my forms that use this widget.

    Kindly advise?

  • newlifefc20

    Is there any way to get some direct help with this. I am not understanding the instructions. I am not getting the same field in Step 3 and the instructions below are confusing. Can someone call me?
    801-635-4554? Thank you

  • ThreeFeathersBearScare

    The widget used to populate all the fields on my form if they had the same Column name. This stopped happening a few weeks ago and we have been struggling with getting the fields to populate.
    We have Employee_Name in a 4 places on the form that require filling. I used the widget to fill these automatically but now it will only fill in 1 field out of the 4. Did something change in the programming?

  • Matthews_Warwick

    Ho there - I really don't understand the "Unique Code" - where do I find this please

  • ddemitrius

    How do I change the color of the font in the widget when it gives an error code

  • jtte86

    Buenas esta muy genial la herramienta del Widget de Hoja de Calculo pero lamentablemente no he podido configurarla , comprendo el proceso hasta el punto 4 que es donde se carga el archivo después de este punto no he podido conseguir que me muestre la información, agradecería más especificaciones del cuadro de Acces code column-Labels Row- y con que extensión debe aparecer el archivo al cargarlo ya que me aparece .Doc o Pdf.

    De pronto es que estoy haciendo algún proceso mal.

  • Kenny Gilles

    Hello, how Can i do this with airtable ? Thanks

  • Consorcio_Salud

    Quisiera poder personalizar el botón del widget, el que viene por defecto no me gusta. ¿Cómo dede CSS lo llamo; he intentado con .btn .button .input_77 y ninguno me funciona, me podrían enviar una imagen con un ejemplo. Gracias.

  • HuttonSafetyGroup

    The widget is good. Is there a way to have the form automatically populate itself without the "auto complete fields" button ?

    We are scanning a QR code which generates a specific url and it would be great if the form would just autofill automatically. (

    Are there any plans of making this possible?

    Best regards

  • esteel

    I am using the Spreadsheet to form widget and uploaded my file of data. The form is active and has submissions. Can I upload a new spreadsheet adding additional unique code lines to my list without affecting any of the already completed form submissions?

  • tanda11

    Is there any way to have the form automatically populate itself without having to click the "auto complete fields" button on page load?

    I'm trying to do this: A link is sent with the unique code in the link like this: Then when they click on that it would take them to the form and populate it without them having to click the button.


  • PneusPros

    Hi. Is it possible to update the Spreadsheet to form data via an api or web service of any automated method?

  • InfiniteEye

    Great tool!! I'm a new user and having some trouble.
    Maybe I'm not familiar enough with the program yet. But, can I have multiple unique codes for a single row? If the unique code is an email address and that is associated with data, can the program look at more than 1 field for the unique code and bring up the associated data?

  • pollinatorpartnership

    Thanks! This tool is great.

    Do you know when it will be able to take number and address fields?

  • Ssarav01

    How do you use this if your form has translations?

  • robertmk20


    This is an awesome feature - can this feature be used offline as well?


  • waynelaidlaw

    How can I fix the numbers to show only 2 decimal points in the spreadsheet to form.
    The spreadsheet number is .67 but it shows .67155898999 (for example)
    I have toggles the limt entry characters on but that did not work
    I have limited the characters to 4 and that still did not work.
    Also can you use this in a table format?
    Thanks in advance

  • foegler

    Hello, this feature could bring a lot of value to me.

    Is there a way, using the Multiple Choice (Checkbox), to pass along a value through the "Other" option? So a value that is not predefined?


  • JDog84

    I have tried to use this widget and I select the unique key. It says "Fields Have Been Auto Filled" but I check the fields that are labeled with the column headers and nothing shows up. Did I miss a step in the setup?

    Form address is

  • bfackrell

    This is pretty cool but, is there a way to open an excel file from within the live form to populate the data?

    I don't want to have to go back into the form design and upload a new Excel file each time. May data will be different each time I use the form.

  • Western_Shield

    HI, Just wondering how I can use a spreadsheet to populate a field based on an answer to a previous field. For example species of animal have a common name and a scientific name. I have created a dropdown list of common names but I want the jotform to look at that name and then select the appropriate scientific name from the excel spreadsheet and insert that into a another field. There are over 100 names so I didn't want to create a conditional logic for each option.

    my form is:


    Can we use a Google or Jotform Spreadsheet instead of file upload.

  • PESJotForm

    How do you make a pulldown field populate the speadsheet to form field? I saw one thread on the update/calculate field but cannnot find this function.

    Thank you.

  • Jackson_Matt

    Hi. How can we do this using google sheets instead of Excel?

  • Teiyonab

    Hello, I'm currently using the Spreadsheet to form widget. I keep receiving this error message, "There are errors on the form. Please fix them before continuing". Please assist.

  • essilorvisionfoundation

    Is it possible to point this at a spreadsheet that is hosted on the web or a Google Sheet so the file can be updated with new values?

  • Hasan

    What a great and amazing widget! Does this work also on conditional drop-downs?


    Are you registered with ASA?

    Yes / No

    No - nothing happens
    Yes - please input your ASA ID

    So can the ASA ID be pre-populated as well given that it is a field that only shows up on the conditional YES answer.


  • ifec

    works great!

    Is there a way to not have to type in the unique code and then hit the button for auto complete and use a drop down menu to select the unique code?

  • taxi88test

    Hi, we are geting the "Unknown Column Key" error now, November 18, 2019. I have over 52K submissions in this form, i need it desperately to continue functioning!
    Oh, and it doesn't even work on YOUR OWN DEMO

  • ISCAForms

    Have the same issue as several here. As of this morning - we are getting "Unknown Column Key" errors. NO CHANGES have been made to the form or the spreadsheet! Been a rocky road the last few weeks with this widget.

  • whitefieldgujarati

    Our forms where working fine suddenly we are getting "Unknown column key" error message, please debug the same at earliest and let us know the resolution.

    Thank you

  • walkersl

    I have the exact same problem as freshii below. Everything was working fine this morning, and now it just gives me the unknown access code error.

  • freshii

    Hi I am receiving an error "Unknown access code". I have been using my spreadsheet for 6 months and it just broke! I need to get this fixed ASAP, can you look into it?


  • trav80

    I cant get the Spreadsheet to form widget to work.
    I have been using the for over 6 months with not much hassle and now cannot get it to auto fill my form.
    This is a hugely important form in our business

  • tallerservimanpa

    No work

  • workadvisor

    I do not understand. Until today the form worked perfectly and suddenly it doesn't work.
    I have not changed anything.
    The form no longer recognizes field data of the Access code column.
    Do you have an explanation please?
    It's very important because I use this form every day at work...
    Thanks !

  • Stefano

    Hi, it all seems very nice but basically I didn't understand a fundamental thing;
    a data base (excel) is composed principally of numbers (prices), in an order form (or product configurator with prices) how can I associate the choice (eg. check box) that the customer makes ONLY to the price that is in the excel file? This should be the first reason for wanting to integrate a database.

  • tallerservimanpa

    Can I access a list with several names of the same unique code and show all option of this selecction? For example:
    COUNTRY Province Population
    Country1 Pma 17782
    Country1 Mpa 52773
    Country2 Jty 57893
    Country2 Gtw 92934
    If select Country2 show:
    COUNTRY Province Population
    Country2 Jty 57893
    Country2 Gtw 92934

  • GoofyCoolGO

    Previously my Dates in the Excel file uploaded to this widget, was able to display the Dates into a Short Text Field as text as seen in my Excel file,
    But seems recently the widget now only shows the Date as serial numbers instead of Date format as in Excel.
    Is there a way to have the widget display in Date format as per Excel?
    my test form: Text Excel

  • mayeongyahoo

    Fantastic! It's worked exactly the way I wanted.
    Thank you so much!!!

  • BAZIN11

    I have an error message : "server error",
    when i try to upload my .xlsx file...
    Thank you for your response.

  • remfranquias

    Is it possible to use this in the SINGLE QUESTION FORM format?