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How to Send Custom Data to Stripe Payment

How to Send Custom Data to Stripe Payment

With Custom Data, it is now easier to include custom descriptions to the data in Stripe payment integration. 
You can now directly attach key-value data descriptions to charges, customers, and most other data in your Stripe payment form. As with the other data, the custom data can be searched and viewed as well in the Stripe account dashboard.

How to Add Custom Data to Stripe Payment Integration.

1. Connect your Stripe account with JotForm.
2. Custom Data is available to Payment Type: Sell Products, Sell Subscriptions, User Defined Amount and Collect Donations.
3. Expand the Additional Gateway Settings option.

4. Change the Ask Billing Information to Customer option to Yes.
5. In Custom Data Field option, select the field name in the form that will be used to send the custom data to Stripe.
Note: The Custom Data Field option is designed to be mapped to the Short Text Entry field type. It means that you will need to have at least one Short Text Entry field on a form to be able to map it as a custom data field.
6. Save the Payment Settings.

Stripe payment Custom Data helps you store the info that’s most useful for your business when using Stripe payment integration.

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  • xiashiyang1993

    The custom data field is only available when the payment type is "sell products".
    When the payment is "sell subscriptions", the custom data field is no longer availble.

    We really need this feature to be done.

  • Melb_B_School

    The custom data field is not mapping for us, we would like to be able to map the text from a field to the description field in Stripe - EG invoice number. This is not coming across.

  • prolifemichiana

    Is it possible to separate the payment info from the products? When I try to apply the conditions to the form to offer a pay by check option it hides the entire product list and total.

  • commcatalyst

    Is it possible to map the Custom Data field to the Description in Stripe? For our purpose that would be helpful to have it there instead of in the metadata.

  • knechtstrat

    I would like to send product name to Stripe...I have added the custom field and have mapped do I determine what variables are sent to Stripe?

  • mike_hastie

    Ideally I'd like to modify "description" of transaction rather than append meta data (I'm recieving donations rather than selling products). In the meantime I used the above method and have a hidden field (with default value) that labels the transaction "Web-Donation". I can see in my jotform submissions that is assigned. However in stripe the metadata is:

  • ZollyTech

    The custom data field is not showing on my Stripe Payment Integration.

  • tichishita

    The Custom Data field will only allow me to select account number- but there is another field I want to use instead. How can I make the other field able to be selected for custom data in my stripe integration?