How to Integrate Stripe With Jotform

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Stripe is a popular payment processing platform that allows businesses and individuals to quickly and securely accept payments online. Since its founding, Stripe has quickly become one of the world’s most widely used payment platforms, with thousands of businesses of all sizes relying on its services to process transactions.

Jotform now brings the power of Stripe to your forms. With Jotform’s Stripe integration, you can create a professional-looking credit card form in minutes. You can use the integration to accept payments for your products or services or set it up for collecting donations for your charity. You can also configure Stripe to process recurring billings.

Integrating Stripe with your form is relatively easy! Create a new or edit an existing form and follow the steps below.

  1. In the Form Builder, click the Add Form Element button on the left side of the screen.
  2. Go to the Payments tab.
  3. Search and click Stripe. You can also drag and drop it to the form to add.
Jotform Form Builder with steps to click on Add Form Element button on the left panel, Payments tab, and Stripe payment gateway
  1. Select which Mode you’d like to set up in the Payment Settings. It’s second on the list of options, but this determines which type of account you will connect, Live or Test.
  2. Click the Connect button and connect your Stripe account. Once connected, the button will display as Connected.
  3. Select a currency from the Currency dropdown. The prices and amounts displayed on the form are based on the selected currency.
  4. Select a Payment Type. With Stripe, you can sell products or subscriptions, collect donations or allow user-defined amounts.
Stripe's Payment Settings panel on the right side of the screen showing the connect button, and dropdown for Mode, Currency, and Payment Type


When you add Stripe, its Payment Settings will automatically open. If not, click the Wand icon to open it.

Under the Additional Gateway Settings, you can set up a few additional options, which include the following:

  • Ask Billing Information to Customer — When toggled to Yes, you can select which field to be the customer email, billing & shipping addresses, phone, and a custom field. These details are sent to Stripe.
  • Send Email to Customer — Automatically email the customer when 3D Secure authentication problems occur in the form.
  • Create Stripe Customer Record — Choosing For Each Unique Customer option means Stripe will only store one customer record regardless of how many times they submit the form. The For Each Submission option means Stripe will record each submission, which creates a duplicate for the same customer who submits the form.
  • Charge Customer Immediately — Stripe supports Payment Authorization. Toggle this to No if you want to charge customers at a later date.
Additional Gateway Settings of the Stripe integration which shows the toggle for billing information, and dropdown selectors for send email to customer, create stripe customer record and the charge customer immediately
  1. If you’ve selected Sell Products or Sell Subscriptions from the Payment Type, scroll down and click the Continue button to add your product or subscription items. If it’s the others, click the Save button to complete the integration.

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