How to Integrate Stripe ACH Manual with Your Form?

June 2, 2022

You can integrate your forms with Stripe ACH without the Plaid version. You don’t need to have a Plaid account to get payments using the manual Stripe ACH method.

What Can You Do With Jotform’s Stripe ACH Manual Integration?

  • Sell products online
  • Sell subscriptions
  • Collect donations online
  • Let users make a custom payment

How to Integrate Your Forms with Stripe ACH Manual?

  1. On the form builder, click the Add Form Elements button.
  2. In the Form Elements panel, click the Payments tab.
  3. Search Stripe ACH Manual, and drag/drop it to your form
  1. Open the Stripe ACH Manual Integration panel by clicking the Payment Settings icon.
  1. Click the Connect button to connect/authenticate your Stripe account.
  2. Select the integration Mode between Live and Test.

You will be required to connect your Stripe account every time you switch modes. For example, if you decide to test the integration, choosing Test Mode from the Mode dropdown will require you to connect your Stripe account again, so the integration can pick up your Stripe test keys.

  1. Once everything is set up from the Payment Settings, click the Continue button at the bottom to add your products. If you have chosen User Defined Amount or Collect Donation as your Payment Type, click the Save button, and you’re done.

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Submitting and Starting the Verification Process

With Stripe ACH Manual, your customers are required to submit the form with their payment details such as the Email Address, Routing Number, Account Number, Account Name, and Account Type. The customer submits the form and gets the thank you message. At this stage, the payment is now Pending and the verification starts.

Stripe sends two small deposits to the customer’s bank account. Your customer will receive the deposit in 1 to 2 days.

As part of the verification process, Jotform sends the following email to the customer containing the verification instructions with the link to verify the bank.

As the form owner, you will also get the following email about the verification.

When you view the customer from the Customers dashboard of your Stripe account, you will see that the payment method is marked as Pending Verification.

The submission also stays on your form’s submissions page as Pending until customer account status is verified and payment is captured.

Verifying Bank Account

Once the customer receives the deposited amounts, they should click the verification URL from the verification email that Jotform has sent. When the URL is clicked, the following page opens:

If the customer enters the correct deposited amounts and submits the form, the thank you page is displayed, and Jotform verifies and charges the customer’s bank account. 

The payment method of the customer through your Stripe dashboard is now marked with Verified.

On the submissions page, the status of the payment is also marked as Succeeded.

If the customer enters the wrong deposits, Jotform shows the following error page stating that the amount does not match.

If you need any other details or if you have any feedback, please post them in the comments below.

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