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Populate a Word Template with Form Data

Populate a Word Template with Form Data

Do you want to automatically save the form data into a word document? Or, better yet, populate a word template with a form data? That's easy with Integromat

With Integromat you can connect JotForm into over a hundred services like Microsoft which enables you automatically populate a word template after your customer submits the form.

Here's how:

Text Instruction:
1. Word template - This must be your word template file. You must put in your merge tags e.g. {{full_name}} where you want the answers from the form to go. By default, merge tags should be enclosed with double curly braces. Example:

 Friendly tip: Use a short file name for your word document for easier use later.

2. Integromat Account - This is where you integrate JotForm with MS Word Template
3. Dropbox Account - This is where the word document will be retrieved and saved.

Let says you want to generate a contract for your customers after filling a form.

1. Upload your word document e.g. contract.docx into the root folder of your Dropbox account.

2. Login to Integromat then Create a New Scenario

3. Search for these services and check them, JotForm, DropboxMicrosoft Word Template, then click Continue

4.a. Pick JotForm as the first module then select Watch for Submissions

4. b. In the JotForm settings, click Add button then under Connection click Add button again and enter your JotForm API Key. Your API Key should have Full Access permission.

After that, select a Form that you want to use for integration.

5. Add Dropbox as the next module then select Get File.

In the Dropbox settings, Connect your Dropbox account by clicking the Add button under Connection. After that, select "Select a file" then enter the file name of the word document you uploaded into your Dropbox account with the .docx file extension.

6. Connect the MS Word Template as the 3rd module then select "Fill out a document"

In the settings, construct the output file name. You can also use the field values like the Unique Submission ID, name and etc. 

After that, click Add Item then map the fields.

Value Type should be Simple Value for basic use or create a condition if you like
Key  should match the merge tags in your word template Ex. full_name from the word template {{full_name}}
Value are the form field(s ) from the panel that you want to be its value. You can combine as many fields as you like. Ex. For the full name, you can combine first and last name. 

Repeat the same steps for the next merge tags.

Tip: Always use the child options rather than the parent option in the Value to exclude the HTML formatting.

7. Add Dropbox again as the last module then select Upload File. This is where the output file will be generated.

In the settings, select "Microsoft Word Templates - Fill out a document".

The final scenario should look like the following:

8. Finally, save the changes and enable it. You can also click Run once then submit your form to test it.

That's it! If you have any questions or if you are stuck at some point, feel free to write a comment below.

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  • JonasAu

    Hallo zusammen,

    funktioniert das ganze ebenfalls mit Microsoft Onedrive anstelle von Dropbox mit Integromat als Connector?

  • MrWindfall


    Is it possible to insert an image to the populated word file through Jotform?


  • MrWindfall

    I have followed the instructions above for a very simple form that requires name and surname but i get the following error:

    Validation failed for 1 parameter(s).
    Missing value of required parameter 'Key'.

  • Joshua111

    There are errors when it populates the form. Is there an update to this process?

  • ptana2003

    I follow above instruction and found that there are both text and html code in my word document. Then I use parser between jotform and dropbox, unfortunately the problems were not solved. Could you advice me what to do next? Thanks

  • Yanir89

    is there an option to insert a photo from the form to the word file?