How to Integrate Jotform With Other Apps Through Make

March 20, 2024

Make is a no-code automation development platform that makes it easy to visualize and create automation. You can connect Jotform to other apps by creating a custom workflow with Make.

With Jotform integration through Make, you can configure the following Triggers and Actions.

  • Trigger:
    • Watch for submission — This trigger works when a new submission comes in, which fires the scenario automatically.
  • Actions:
    • Create a New Form — Add new forms with questions, properties, and email settings.
    • List Form Questions List all questions of a specific form.
    • Add Questions to Form — Adds questions to the specified form.
    • Get Form Submissions — Get all submissions of the specified form. 
    • Get User Submissions — Get all submissions of the user’s account.
    • Get Monthly User Usage — Get the number of form submissions received this month. Also, get the number of SSL form submissions, payment form submissions, and upload space used by the user.
    • Make an API Call — Performs an arbitrary API call to the endpoints listed in Jotform API Documentation.

Getting the Jotform API

To connect your Jotform account to Make, you must first obtain the API key from your Jotform account. Full Access permission is required to use Jotform modules in Make that write data on your account. For example, Create a New Form and Add Questions to a Form. Visit How to Create a Jotform API Key to learn more.

API section of a Jotform account

Creating a Scenario with Make

There are multiple steps to creating a scenario with Make. The steps involve connecting your Jotform account and another account of the app that you will integrate with Jotform. The steps are the following:

Choosing your apps

The first step to creating your scenario is to select Jotform as your first app. Let’s start!

  1. In your Make dashboard, go to the Scenario section.
  2. Click the Create a new Scenario button to start creating your integration.
Create a new scenario button in Make
  1. Click the plus icon in the blank canvas to select your app.
  2. Search for and click Jotform from the list.
Add Jotform module in a new scenario settings with Make

Building your scenario

As mentioned above, you can select from different triggers and actions when selecting Jotform.

  1. Select Watch for Submissions under Form Submissions.
Triggers and Actions in Jotform module  on a new scenario with Make
  1. Click the Create Webhook button.
Create a webhook button in Jotform module  on a new scenario with Make
  1. Configure the following:
    • Webhook Name — Give your Webhook a custom name.
    • Connection — Click the Create a Connection button to connect your Jotform account with Make.
Webhook settings in Jotform module  on a new scenario with Make
  1. Set up the following options:
    • Connection Name — Personalize the connection name. If you have multiple Jotform accounts, having a name that is identifiable for you or your team is recommended.
    • API Key — Provide the API Key that you prepared earlier.
Connection settings in Jotform module  on a new scenario with Make

If you are an EU, HIPAA, or Enterprise Jotform user, toggle “Show advanced settings” and set up the relevant options.

Advanced connection settings in Jotform module  on a new scenario with Make
  1. Click the Save button to save your connection settings with Jotform.
  2. At this step, you must set up the following:
    • Team — If the form you’re going to select isn’t in the team, select No team assigned from the dropdown.
    • Form — Select the form that will be the trigger point for your scenario.
Team and Form settings in Jotform module  on a new scenario with Make
  1. Click the Save button to save the team/form selections.
  2. Ensure that the newly created webhook is selected. Click the OK button to proceed.
Select webhook in Jotform module  on a new scenario with Make
  1. Hover your mouse over the right side of the Jotform module, click the Add another module option, then search/select the app to connect with Jotform — for example, Google Sheets.
Google Sheets on a new module with Make

To see the full list of apps you can connect with Jotform through Make, visit the following link: Connect Jotform integrations.

  1. Connect your Google Account accordingly.
Sign in with Google prompt on Google Sheet module with Make
  1. After connecting your Google account, select the folder, spreadsheet, and sheet name. Lastly, map the appropriate form fields with Google Sheets columns.
Google Sheets settings on Google Sheet module with Make

12. Finally, click the OK button to save.

Testing your scenario

Now that booth Jotform and the app (Google Sheets) are connected, it’s time to test your scenario to see if everything works smoothly. To test:

  1. Click the Run Once button on your Make scenario flow.
Run ones button in a new Make
  1. Open your form and submit test data. The flow will wait for the data from your form as displayed:
Data waiting flow when testing Make

When your test runs successfully after a new submission to your form, the test will stop, and you will see a checkmark on both Jotform and the app. You’re now good to go to activate your scenario.

Successful test in Make

Activating your scenario

That could be a lot of steps, but you’re now ready to start the integration. To activate, you need to go back by clicking the back arrow at the top-left side of the flow, and on the Diagram tab, toggle the On/Off button. Ensure it says On, and that’s it!

On/Off toggle to activate or deactivate a scenario in Make

Triggering the Integration From Jotform Tables

The Watch for Submissions trigger is set up to create a webhook in the form. You can use this webhook to manually trigger the integration in the Jotform Tables of the selected form. To trigger, add an action button column in Jotform Tables to Send Data to Other Apps.

Webhook integration on Send Data to Other Apps in Action Buttons settings of Jotform Tables

Please visit How to Send Data to Other Apps in Jotform Tables to learn more.

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