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What is the Difference between JotForm Enterprise and Standard

What is the Difference between JotForm Enterprise and Standard

Our traditional, standard plans (Free, Bronze, Silver and Gold) are single-user plans that run on shared servers and come with online-only support.

JotForm Enterprise is our only multi-user plan where an admin can assign access-level controls to users and users can collaborate with other users. It runs on a server dedicated to your organization, at a Google Cloud or AWS data center of your choosing, to ensure you comply with country-specific (e.g. Australia, Canada, UK, etc) data privacy rules. It also comes with a named, dedicated Enterprise Support Engineer and their email and phone number for instant troubleshooting. Here is a breakdown of features and how they differ between our Standard Plans and Enterprise:


JotForm Standard


JotForm Enterprise

Easiest Drag-and-Drop Form Builder
PDF Builder
Mobile Forms
Payment Integrations 
3rd Party Integrations 
Server Environment  Shared Dedicated to your Organization
 Server Location Options EU/US  Full compliance with country-specific data residency requirements
HIPAA (Optional) (Optional)
GDPR (Optional) (Optional)
HIPAA + GDPR 1   (Optional)
Multiple Users  
Shared Access to Forms and Submissions  
Server Administration  
SSO Login  
SSO for Forms  
Custom Domain Name  
Customized Form Link
White Label  
Service Level Agreement (SLA)  
Customized Agreement  
24/7 Online Support
Direct Support Contact, Phone Support  
UNLIMITED Submissions  
UNLIMITED Payments  

1 With Enterprise package you get an option to choose location for a dedicated server what allows to install HIPAA within EU region.

Contact Support:
Our customer support team is available 24/7 and our average response time is between one to two hours.
Our team can be contacted via:
Contact JotForm Support:

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  • bgilbo4

    Is the enterprise pricing yearly or monthly? I'm the director of a construction company that would like to make onsite forms both paperless and contactless across multiple projects. I have anywhere from 8-12 jobs running a year that all require the same forms but the projects do not typically last a full year. so at the beginning of the year I may need 12 accounts but at the end of the year I might only need 6-8.

  • markmotion

    Does a user need to create a separate username and password for Enterprise accounts?
    Or will an existing JotForm username and PW work just fine?

  • Anne Winkler

    Hi @ customer support,

    we are interested in seeting up a standard account for our customized sweepstakes. Could you pls specify if the sever will be in the EU or US?

    thx & best,

  • thomasmeharry86

    I have a use case, and so far the product look like what I need. However, is it possible to setup more complex conditional logic? I am wanting a covid 19 construction incident plan and part of that is having workers identify where they were onsite based on the drawings. Is it possible to either conditionally attach a file based on the job that is selected? Or hide multiple pages with an upgrade? What's different about enterprise and how much is it?

  • LegacyGP

    Is it possible to allow a form recipient to go directly to the form without registering with JotForm?


  • Adonis_Beauty

    Does the silver plan allow "Custom Domain Name" ?