How to Create a New User or Admin on Enterprise Server

November 12, 2021

After starting to use your dedicated Enterprise server, you can invite others to join depending on the number of seats you have bought. There are two ways to do it:

Option 1: Invite by email

You can invite your team member by sending an invitation email.

1. Click the Users tab on Admin Console (

2. Click on the “Add New User” button at the top right corner

Jotform Enterprise - Admin panel

3. On the lightbox popup, enter the name, email address and the access level of the new member. After the required information is completed, click “Add User

Jotform Enterprise - Add User popup

4. The new team member will receive a notification email from which he would be able to log in the system.

Jotform Enterprise - Invitation email

Option 2: Invite by link

As an alternative solution, you can also invite your team member via a URL to be shared with them. This is especially useful if you would like to invite multiple users at once.

1. Click the Users tab on Admin Console (

2. Click on the “Add New User” button at the top right corner (These two steps are exactly the same with Option 1)

3. Click “Invite by Link” tab.

Jotform Enterprise - Invite by Link

4. Copy the link that has been generated.

Alternative method:

Depending on the number of seats you have bought for your Enterprise server, you can create new users or admins. To create a new user please follow the steps shared below:

Step 1: Go to your account’s Admin Console page.

Step 2: On the Admin Console, go to Users tab. There you will see a list of existing users, you can edit them as well if this is needed. To create a new user or admin on server, please proceed with ADD NEW USER button:

Step 3: Now you can enter details to create a new user or admin. The only difference between a User and an Admin is that admins can create and manage other users. A User does not have access to Admin page of an Enterprise account.

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