Online Form Builder for Legal Businesses

Gather client data and streamline your legal business’s workflow with Jotform. Create custom forms to collect information, gather signatures for contracts and NDAs, generate professional-looking PDF documents, and much more. Eliminate paperwork and automate your client documentation process without any coding.


Free Form & PDF

Don’t want to start from scratch? Choose from our vast library of ready-made form and PDF templates — then customize it to suit your needs without coding knowledge. Once a form is submitted, you can automatically convert form submission data into professional-looking PDFs with your own branding and letterhead.

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Data Collection

Collect & Share Data

Make gathering client information quick and easy with Jotform’s powerful online forms. Create contracts, agreements, and invoices with your own branding, and then have clients fill them out from any device. Easily share form responses with colleagues by generating visual reports, exporting Excel and CSV files, or linking to an easy-to-understand spreadsheet with Jotform Tables.

PDF Generation

Convert Submissions
to PDFs

Create a custom PDF template using your own branding and automatically convert form submissions into shareable PDFs. With the click of a button, you can generate professional-looking contracts, payment invoices, and legal documents — then automatically share them via email or cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox.


Sign & Print Documents

Securely collect client signatures with Jotform Sign. From any device, clients can sign contracts, payment invoices, NDAs, agreement forms, and more. Share e-signature forms directly with clients and colleagues via email or by generating secure PDF documents.

Sharing & Collaboration

Collaborate with

Jotform makes it easy for you and your colleagues to collaborate. Assign forms, view and manage submissions, and share documents in your secure online account with Jotform Tables and Jotform Inbox. Team members can also add comments, reply to submissions, and create tags and filters to better organize client data.

Data Management

Auto-Delete Submissions

Automatically delete extraneous form submission data with Jotform’s built-in auto-delete feature. You can schedule deletion periods, review submissions before permanent deletion, and easily transfer your data from Jotform to third-party services such as Google Sheets and Airtable.


Keep Data Secure

Store your data with peace of mind. Jotform keeps data safe with a built-in 256-bit SSL connection, GDPR and PCI compliance, as well as multiple encryption options and anti-spam fields. For additional security, you can also upgrade your account to add HIPAA compliance.

Legal Industry FAQs

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  • Why should I use online forms for my legal process?

    Typically, law firms work with a lot of paper documents. However, paperless documents are more efficient and a much more environmentally conscious solution.

  • What online forms should I use for my legal business?

    Jotform offers many different types of forms depending on your needs. For legal businesses, we recommend client onboarding forms, online petition forms, and many other types of legal forms.

  • How can I customize my form?

    Begin your form customization journey by logging into your Jotform account. Click Create Form on the top left of the page and select an existing form template or build your own form with our no-code Form Builder. Upload your logo, pick fonts and colors, and add any other fields you need. Use the Form Elements sidebar to insert basic elements — no coding required. Then go to Settings, open the Integrations tab, and pick the best integrations for your form. From the Embed tab in the Publish menu, you can embed your forms directly in your website or share a link with customers via QR code, direct message, and more!

  • Can I collect signatures on my form?

    Yes, Jotform offers signature widgets you can integrate into your form to collect signatures. Visit our site to learn more about how to add an e-signature to your form.

  • How do I send my clients confirmation emails?

    To send your clients confirmation emails, make sure that you’ve set up an Autoresponder Email. To do this, click Settings at the top of the Form Builder, click Emails in the left panel, select Add An Email, and then select Autoresponder Email. For more information on autoresponder emails, check out our user guide.

  • Are my forms secure?

    Yes, each form made through Jotform has a script that protects it from basic spambots. Additionally, Jotform supports CAPTCHA fields to fortify your forms even more. Check out our user guide to learn how to include a CAPTCHA field in your forms.

  • Can I move my current forms to Jotform?

    Yes, it’s possible to move your current forms to Jotform — just without their original form styles and data. While on the My Forms page, click Create Form. Then select Import Form and paste your existing form’s URL.

  • Can I save my PDF template and send PDFs to my client?

    Yes! After you create your PDF, you can save it as a private template by going to Layout Settings and clicking on Customize. From there scroll down, name your template, and click Save As Template. You can also download your PDFs and send them to your clients.

  • How can I reach Jotform if I run into any issues with my forms or account?

    Feel free to contract Jotform Support whenever you run into any issues with your forms or account. You can reach us here and submit a ticket. We’ll work to resolve any problems you might have.

  • Are my forms HIPAA compliant?

    Yes, as long as you upgrade your account to include HIPAA compliance. Jotform protects each form’s data automatically and gives you the option to encrypt your forms. Check out more details about Jotform’s security features on our site.

  • What are common online forms for the legal industry?

    Here are some common legal forms:

    Power of Attorney

    Divorce Papers

    Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA)

    Lease Agreement

    Promissory Note

    Quitclaim Deed

    Eviction Notice

    Affidavit Form

    Deed of Trust

    Notary Form

    Legal Practice Form

    Family Law Form