How to Add a Captcha Field

October 18, 2021

What is the benefit of adding a CAPTCHA field?

The answer is simple, a CAPTCHA helps protect your forms against spammers and spambots that are programmed to attack websites flooding them with tons of unwanted information by requesting that a physical code word is typed into the box to be matched and checked.

Before starting, there are 2 types of CAPTCHA when using the default one; Google reCAPTCHA which is the default mode and our very own JotCaptcha. We’ll show you the difference down below.

Video Tutorial

1. On the form builder, click Add Form Element

2. Look for the Captcha field and add it in your form by drag and drop. That’s it! 🙂

What is the Google Invisible reCAPTCHA in the Captcha properties?

This is Google’s improvement of their reCaptcha, which is able to differentiate humans from bots without additional input from the user. The Invisible reCaptcha will only activate when the user’s browsing patterns are in some way suspicious. Here’s how to enable Google Invisible reCAPTCHA.

What is JotCaptcha?

This is Jotform’s very own captcha as an alternative. If you want to use a simple captcha where users only enter a text from the provided image, you can switch to JotCaptcha.

Note: If the user enters the CORRECT JotCaptcha, the form will be submitted right away. However, if the entered JotCaptcha is INCORRECT, it will lead to a secondary JotCaptcha which appears on the middle of the page. If a valid captcha is entered correctly for the second time, the submission will finally be accepted. 

When you use a CAPTCHA field, you do not have to set it as a required field. It is already automatically set to “required” when you place it into your form.

We also have some advance captcha widgets that you can use. You can check them below:

Math Captcha

Drawing Captcha

How did it go? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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