Approval Flow Automation for School’s & Higher Education

Work smarter, not harder. Streamline and automate the way you manage requests from students, teachers, faculty, and more. Get requests online with custom online forms for your school, and automatically send them to the right people to approve or deny — no coding necessary.

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Course Approvals

Approve or reject requests from students looking to enroll in classes outside of their major requirements or campus. Faculty can respond to requests immediately, giving students plenty of time to plan their schedules.

Field Trip Approvals

Encourage hands-on learning outside the classroom with a faster field trip approval process. Teachers can submit their field trip ideas online and receive an automated email if administrators approve their requests.

Facility Use Request Approvals

Rent out school facilities like classrooms, the cafeteria, playing fields, gyms, and more. Streamline facility management by collecting requests online and quickly forwarding them to staff and administration for approval.