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Easy-to-Use Builder
Easy-to-Use Builder

Easy-to-Use Approval Builder

Expand your approval flow, add new elements, set up custom emails, and more with Jotform’s drag-and-drop interface. You can build the perfect workflow for your company in just a few clicks!

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Choose the Best Approval Method for Your Needs

Request e-signatures and other approval actions from your collaborators with Approve & Sign.

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Advanced Approval Settings

Level up your approval flow with advanced settings options.

Custom Outcomes

Approve or deny form submissions, or create your own custom outcomes — like adding respondents to a wait list, putting them on hold, or whatever else you choose.

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Allow Comments

Let users add a comment when they approve or deny requests.

Reassign tasks

Let users reassign tasks to another person if they are unable to complete them.

Request e-signatures

Streamline your document signing workflow. Automatically request electronic signatures for your documents — such as contracts, purchase orders, or invoices.

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Request more information

If a form entry is missing important information, approvers can quickly and easily ask the form filler to edit their submission via email.

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Escalate Tasks

If someone hasn’t completed a task after a certain time period, escalate the task to someone else automatically.

Set expiration dates

Choose a date for the task to expire, so your flow doesn’t get held up.

Automatically end the task

Finish the task automatically if it hasn’t been completed by a certain date.

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Send Customized Notification Emails

Personalize email content to match your approval flow.

Send reminder emails

Remind approval flow members of their tasks with automated emails.

Snooze tasks

Approvers can put a pause on responding to requests by snoozing tasks in Jotform Inbox. An automated notification email will be sent once the snooze period is over.

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Dynamic approvals

Let each person filling out your form assign their submission to a specific approver. You can select which email address field on the form will contain the approver’s email, ensuring that each submission goes to the right approver without requiring any extra work on the back end.

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Send Approval Report

Create custom PDF reports to track and summarize your approval history. It’s an easy way to view and document all of the actions taken throughout the approval process.

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Set up advanced conditional logic

Make sure your tasks are forwarded to the right people with custom approval flow conditions.

Use if-else conditions

Forward requests to others with our if-else feature. For example, if a fund request over $1,000 is approved by a finance specialist, you can forward it to your finance manager automatically.

Create conditional branching

Direct your flow to perform different actions according to the way form respondents answer certain questions.

Merge Parallel Paths

Combine different paths in your approval flow.


Complete tasks in all branches before moving to the next step.


Complete tasks in any branch in order to move to the next step.

My Approvals

Approvers can view all of their tasks on the My Approvals page.

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Track & Manage Processes

Track your approval flows in multiple ways on any device. Complete tasks via email, Jotform Inbox, Jotform Tables, and Jotform Mobile Forms, our free mobile app.

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