Automate Your IT Approval Flow

Streamline the way your IT department communicates with other teams in your company. Collect requests via online forms so the right people can easily approve or deny them with Jotform Approvals.

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Respond to access requests fast

When coworkers need to access private projects or information, collect their requests through an online request form. Submissions will trigger an automated approval flow that notifies managers to review and respond to requests in Jotform Inbox.

Manage information requests with ease

Turn your information request form into an approval flow. Submissions will be sent to IT specialists and managers for review, which will then trigger a confirmation or rejection email based on whether or not the request has been accepted.

Improve your customer support

Make sure no support ticket — or customer — gets left behind. Turn submitted tickets into tasks in an automated approval flow. Assigned IT specialists will be notified to review and respond to tickets without delay.