Jotform Approvals FAQ

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  • What is Jotform Approvals?

    Jotform Approvals is a powerful tool that enables users to build, track, and control approval processes, such as leave requests, purchase order requests, and job applications.

  • Why should I use Jotform Approvals?

    Jotform Approvals allows users to easily build approval processes using great-looking forms. With automated reminder emails, escalation tools, expiration dates, and options to finish tasks for others, approval requests will never get stuck mid process. You can build complex approval processes in Jotform Approvals with if-else conditions and conditional branches.

    You can track and control approval processes through Jotform Inbox, Jotform Tables, and Jotform Mobile Forms. Approvers can complete their tasks via Inbox and Jotform Mobile Forms.

  • Is Jotform Approvals free?

    Yes, Jotform Approvals is free and available on every plan.

  • What kind of approval flows can I create with Jotform Approvals?

    You can create any approval process that your organization needs, including

    It’s easy to build even the most complex approval processes with Jotform Approvals.

  • How can I access Jotform Approvals?

    There are two different ways to access Jotform Approvals:

    • If you’ve already created forms, you can use one of your forms as the starting point for an approval flow. Just go to Approval Flows under Settings, and click Create an approval flow.
    • If you want to start from scratch, go to the My Forms page, switch to My Approvals in the upper left menu, and select Create Approval.
  • How do I assign approvers?

    You can simply enter the email address of the approver or select an email field from your form to assign an approver (the notification email will go to the address entered on the form).

  • Can I customize approval emails?

    Yes, you can customize all the emails in Jotform Approvals, even the emails that notify approvers and remind them to finish their tasks.

  • Can I create conditions for approval flows?

    Yes, you can use if-else conditions and conditional branching to create different approval paths depending on the answers to the questions on the form.

  • Can I create parallel approvals?

    Yes, you can link as many approval paths as you want to one element.

  • How do I publish an approval flow?

    Jotform offers multiple sharing options. You can publish the link to the form that’s the starting point of the flow, embed it into a web page, assign it, or send it via email. When the form is filled out, the approval process begins.

  • How can an approver view their requests?

    You can ask approvers to create a free Jotform account in order to approve/deny requests. With a free Starter Jotform account, approvers can track all their pending requests and see all of their completed approvals.

    You can also allow approvers to complete tasks without logging into Jotform. But, in this case, approvers will not be able to track pending requests and see their completed approvals. When a new request comes in, the approver will receive an email notification that directs them to a Jotform Inbox to approve/deny the request.

  • Which devices can approvers use to respond to requests?

    Approvers can respond to approval requests through their desktop or laptop computer via Inbox and through their mobile devices using Jotform Mobile Forms.

  • What happens when I delete an approval flow?

    The associated approval data will be removed from Inbox, Jotform Tables, and Jotform Mobile Forms.

  • Is Jotform Approvals HIPAA compliant?

    Users can access HIPAA compliance features on Jotform Approvals — they just need to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) first.

  • Why should I switch to Jotform Approvals?

    Not only does Jotform Approvals help you create custom approval flows to automate your company’s workflow — it also lets you collect the form submissions you need to get your approval flow rolling. Once you sign up for a free Jotform account, you can create online forms to collect requests online — then add approvers, set up custom autoresponder emails, use conditional branching, and further personalize your approval flows with our drag-and-drop builder. After you’ve set up your approval flow in a few easy clicks, you can sit back and enjoy a streamlined approval process! Visit our comparison pages to see how Jotform Approvals stacks up against Pipefy, Nintex, Kissflow, and Process Street.

  • Can I add multiple approvers to my flow?

    Yes you can! Simply build your approval elements, set up emails and paths, and establish outcomes. When you create an approval step, you can include multiple emails so that approvals are requested from each person simultaneously.

    You can also add an automated completion rule to your approval flow to require a response from all people in your group, a majority, one person, or even a specific number. Easily customize your flow to fit your team’s needs.

  • How many people can I add as an approver?

    You can add up to three approvers to your flow with our free plan. With paid plans — including Bronze, Silver, and Gold — you can add up to ten approvers, and with our Enterprise plan, there is no limit to the number of approvers you can have in your approval flow.