Simplify team decision-making

Make the decision-making process as easy as possible for your organization with Jotform Group Approvals. Set rules for each approval flow, track activity during the approval process via Jotform Inbox or Jotform Tables, and allow each member of the approval flow to submit approvals and feedback independently.

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Automated Rule Automated Rule Mobile

Create an automated completion rule

Establish a clear process for your company’s approvals by adding a completion rule to your approval flow. You can require a response from everyone in your group, a majority, one person, or even a specific number. Easily customize your flow to fit your team’s needs.

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Track Process Track Process Mobile

Track and manage approval flows

Seamlessly keep track of all approvals, including which parties responded and when. Group Approvals make it easy to manage approvals without adding complicated elements to your flow. Oversee every step in your approval process via email, Jotform Inbox, Jotform Tables, or the Jotform Mobile Forms app.

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Group Approvals with Teams Group Approvals with Teams Mobile

Set up an approval process for a group
or team

Jotform Teams gives you an all-in-one workspace so your entire team can approve and edit assets in a single place. Seamlessly collaborate on data and forms, assign members different roles, organize your workflow, and more.

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Learn how to utilize group approvals