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  • What is an electronic signature?

    An e-signature, or electronic signature , allows you to quickly sign electronic documents. These signatures are convenient and replace traditional signatures. They may consist of signatures that you generate by “signing” your name on the document with a mouse. They can also be signatures that are created as you type your name.

  • What are the main benefits of e-signatures?

    E-signatures offer many benefits. They are affordable, safe, and convenient. They also make your organization look more professional.

    E-signatures can streamline your processes. They are easy to use, and even if a signer isn’t well-versed in technology, they can usually navigate electronically signing a document. When you use an e-signature, the signer doesn’t have to worry about printing out and mailing back or scanning and emailing a document, which speeds up the signing process.

    E-signatures offer a secure way to sign documents. They create audit trails, so you can verify that the recipient was the one who signed the document. This is essential when you’re dealing with contracts and sensitive information like medical forms, real estate forms, and retention fee agreements.

    You can save money by using an e-signature. There’s no need to purchase or maintain a printer, pay for ink and paper, or pay for shipping. When you’re sending out multiple documents a day to be signed, these cost savings can quickly add up.

    If you’re running a business, sending out documents to be electronically signed can add to your professionalism. You will demonstrate that your business takes a modern approach to its operations, and you’ll show that you value your clients’ time and want to give them signature options that are convenient for them.

  • What are electronic signatures used for?

    Electronic signature are used to sign documents, such as agreements and contracts, that are sent digitally.

  • How do e-signatures work?

    You can electronically sign digital documents, like PDFs, Word documents, and online forms. The easiest way to electronically sign a document or collect e-signatures is by using an e-signature tool, like Jotform Sign. E-signatures are traceable, time stamped, and more secure than wet signatures.

  • What can users do with Jotform Sign?

    With Jotform Sign, users can automate all parts of their e-sign process — upload and build documents, add helpful widgets to documents, create e-signature approval flows, and more.

  • What’s the difference between an e-signature and a digital signature?

    An e-signature is a legal and secure signature, but it doesn’t incorporate any coding. A digital signature meets encryption standards and serves as a virtual fingerprint.

  • Are e-signatures legal?

    Just like a document that you physically sign in person, e-signatures are legal. In the U.S., the E-Sign Act, passed in 2000, officially defines an electronic signature and gives e-signatures the same legal authority as a traditional “wet” signature. (For information on the legality of e-signatures in other countries, see our guide to global e-signature laws and regulations.)

    While e-signatures are now legal for most documents, there are a few highly specialized documents, like wills, that require a wet signature.

  • Are e-signatures secure?

    It’s relatively easy to forge a wet signature. But e-signatures are much more difficult to forge, making them a safer option. There are many layers of security associated with e-signatures, including an electronic audit trail with details about when the document was opened and signed, and potentially information about the signer’s geolocation.

  • What document types can I sign using Jotform Sign?

    There are many different types of documents you can use. Create and sign permission slips, rental agreements, employee onboarding forms, and more. Choose one of our ready-made templates to get started.

  • How do I create an electronic signature?

    To create an electronic signature, go to the Jotform Sign Builder, and click Create Sign Document. Drag and drop the document you want to convert into the frame or select a template to use. You can add the Signature element from the list of fields on the left, assign the document to one or more signers, set a signing order, customize your invitation emails, and more.

  • What are the major e-signature software solutions?

    There are some popular e-signature software solutions that you may have already used, including DocuSign, Dropbox Sign (formerly known as HelloSign), PandaDoc, signNow, eversign, and pdfFiller. While these are all convenient options, most require subscriptions, have few to no automation features, and may not be the right solution for you.

    Jotform Sign is a new alternative. With Jotform Sign, you can easily add signature fields to a document and automatically gather signatures. Jotform is free to use; features a simple, intuitive design; and lets signers submit their signature using any device.

  • Is Jotform Sign free?

    Yes, you can use all of Jotform Sign’s features and tools for free. With Jotform Sign’s free plan, you can create five forms with up to 10 signed documents, 100 form fields, and 100 monthly submissions. If you’d like to expand your storage and gain access to more forms and submissions, consider upgrading to a paid plan.