Electronic Signature for Higher Education

Connect with your university’s students and staff members seamlessly. Receive applications, collect tuition payments, onboard new employees, and more in one centralized place. Plus, you can view and manage every document and its responses from one Jotform account.



E-sign Templates for Higher Education

If you need help building your first e-sign document, look no further. Jotform offers ready-made e-sign templates to get you started. Just pick a template that matches your needs, personalize it, and send it to your staff or students for signature.

Teacher Contract

Template teacher-contract
Template teacher-contract

Student Academic Contract

Template student-academic-contract
Template student-academic-contract

Letter of Recommendation for College

Template letter-of-recommendation-for-college
Template letter-of-recommendation-for-college


Free Electronic Signature for Higher Education

All-in-one E-sign Builder

Drag and drop to customize e-sign documents for your university. Enhance your student and teacher form experience with paperwork that’s efficient and seamless.

Collaborate Easily

Assign and manage e-sign tasks in Jotform Sign. Invite signers via email or embed your documents in student or employee portals for easy access.

Sign from Anywhere

Make signing convenient for everyone by allowing your audience to sign from any device. Jotform Sign documents are accessible from tablets, desktops, and smartphones.

Compliant and Secure

Keep your documents compliant with privacy regulations. Jotform Sign takes preventative measures like encryption so you and your staff won’t have to worry about the security of your data.

Higher Education Use Cases

Use Jotform Sign for all your higher education signature needs.

Enrollment Procedures

Create an enrollment document for your university or college that you can use year after year. Save time on sending and signing documents so you can focus more on the content of applications.

Employment Application Management

Focus more on developing talent and spend less time on messy paper forms. Hire the best higher education staff you can by sourcing people from all around the world. Save time on waiting for paperwork and spend more time meaningfully getting to know your future staff.

Legal Business Documentation

Keep all your legal paperwork up to date and squared away with Jotform Sign’s documents. Each legal document and signature completed through Jotform is stored in your account for quick and easy reference, should you need it.

Automated Agreement Process

Jotform Sign’s automated agreement process will save you time and do away with tedious manual tasks. Set up an automated signing order with our drag-and-drop builder to make sure you collect all necessary signatures.