Electronic Signature for Nonprofit Organizations

Automate your nonprofit’s processes and spend more time focusing on your mission with Jotform Sign. Increase your impact by helping more clients, speeding up operations, and easily processing donations. Upgrade all parts of your nonprofit and simplify communication with donors, volunteers, clients, and others.



Nonprofit E-sign Templates

Need help creating the right document for your nonprofit? We’ve got you covered. Pick one of our ready-made nonprofit e-signature templates and customize it to your liking. Integrate with payment processors, add widgets, then send to your audience!

NonProfit Donation Consent Template

Template nonprofit-donation-consent-template
Template nonprofit-donation-consent-template

Non profit Business Proposal Template

Template nonprofit-business-proposal-template
Template nonprofit-business-proposal-template

Letter of Thank You for Donation Received

Template letter-of-thank-you-for-donation-received
Template letter-of-thank-you-for-donation-received


Free Nonprofit E-Signature Collector

Multipurpose Nonprofit Tool

Get everything done in one centralized workplace. Upload documents, add fillable fields, assign fields to signers, customize your documents, and more. You can even integrate your nonprofit’s documents with payment processors and other widgets to collect donations and schedule appointments.

Seamless Collaboration

Foster a more collaborative workplace with Jotform Sign. Add multiple signers, change and assign roles for documents, and more. View the signing process from start to finish and oversee all data easily.

Works on Any Device

Gather donations from anywhere! Offer donors and volunteers the digital experience they deserve with an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly online process. Your donors and volunteers can access your e-sign documents from their tablets, computers, and phones.

Data Security

Never worry about data being leaked or stolen with Jotform Sign’s encrypted, secure documents. Jotform keeps data safe with a built-in 256-bit SSL connection, GDPR and PCI compliance, and multiple encryption options and anti-spam fields.

Nonprofit Use Cases

Use Jotform Sign to collect signatures and donations, manage data and members, and more.

Volunteer Management

Get volunteers signed up seamlessly with Jotform Sign. Create a volunteer form and schedule interviews in one central place. Send new volunteers an agreement with your policies laid out, and collect signatures in minutes.

Membership Management

Track and manage your nonprofit’s members. Store their personal data securely in your Jotform account for easy reference. You can even set up recurring notifications that go out when membership fees are due.

Beneficiary Onboarding Process

Keep track of your nonprofit’s beneficiaries easily with Jotform Sign Inbox. As new beneficiaries access your services, send them your nonprofit’s onboarding form and start collecting their information and signatures online.

Financial and Legal Documentation

Keep all your nonprofit’s contracts and agreements organized with Jotform Sign. Create reports, manage invoices and donations, and send receipts to your donors.