24 powerful Jotform Sign features

Build and share e-sign documents in just minutes with Jotform Sign. Automate your documents with powerful features that can be used on any device.

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Form Man
Approval Flows
Read-made templates
Automatic field detection
Advanced security
Cloud Storage Integrations

Drag-and-drop e-sign builder

Use our intuitive drag-and-drop builder to upload and build signable documents. Get started by choosing one of our 600+ ready-made Jotform Sign templates.

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Drag-and-drop e-sign builder Drag-and-drop e-sign builder

Useful document fields

Jotform Sign has a wide variety of form field types — perfect for an infinite number of use cases. Convert your PDF documents into signable documents to collect e-signatures online. The more efficient way to sign.

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Useful document fields Useful document fields

Reusable documents

Create your sign document once and send it multiple times to multiple people. Our flexible document structure allows you to save both time and money.

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Reusable documents Reusable documents

Easy sharing options

Collect signatures from large audiences seamlessly by generating a public link for your document. Send your link once and collect multiple responses.

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Easy sharing options Easy sharing options

Embeddable on any website

Automate your signature collection process by embedding your documents into your website. Easy to access, even easier to sign.

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Embeddable on any website Embeddable on any website

Automated approval flows

Automate your e-signature document processes with our easy-to-use approval flows. Add documents and signers to your flows and get notified when everything has been signed and squared away. Work smarter with Jotform Sign.

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Automated approval flows Automated approval flows

Document sharing with cloud storage

Store selected e-sign documents with trusted cloud storage providers like Google Drive and Dropbox. Give Jotform access to your cloud storage provider, and keep your e-sign documents safe and secure.

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Document sharing with cloud storage Document sharing with cloud storage

Data management with Jotform Tables

All document data is stored securely in Jotform Tables, which you can use to manage data as a spreadsheet, calendar, or easy-to-read cards. Easily organize and manage data in an all-in-one online workspace.

Data management with Jotform Tables Data management with Jotform Tables

Powerful forms with Jotform Sign

Take your basic e-signature field to the next level. Jotform Sign automatically turns each submission into a PDF document, and generates an audit trail that includes the time and location of each step in the signing process.

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Powerful forms with Jotform Sign Powerful forms with Jotform Sign

Advanced Security

Ensuring your data security and privacy is the top priority for Jotform. Feel comfortable with 256 bit SSL connection, HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA Compliance. Jotform also has SOC 2 Compliance.

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Powerful security Powerful security

Automatic field detection

Turn your existing PDFs into signable online documents fast. Jotform Sign automatically scans your uploaded PDFs for fillable fields to speed up the setup process.

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Automatic field detection Automatic field detection

600+ ready-made sign templates

Save time and get started in just a few clicks with ready-made Jotform Sign templates. Simply select a template, customize it with our drag-and-drop builder, and share it to start collecting e-signatures.

600+ ready-mades sign templates 600+ ready-mades sign templates

Visualized data with live reports

Get key data and reveal important business insights with Jotform Report Builder. Generate live reports that update automatically with each new signed document. Share them publicly on your website or directly with coworkers.

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Visualized data with live reports Visualized data with live reports

Document delegation

Choose whether or not to let users assign their documents to someone else. Signer delegation gives you the flexibility to grant custom permissions to your signers — so you don’t have to complete every task yourself.

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Document delegation Document delegation

Compatible with all devices

Jotform Sign works on any device — be it a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Create, send, track, and manage your documents anytime, anywhere by opening a web browser on any Android, iOS, Windows, or macOS device.

Compatible with all devices Compatible with all devices

Strong protection with digital certificate

Improve your data security and tracking with Jotform Sign’s digital certificate. You’ll automatically receive a PDF document of each completed document, as well as an audit trail for tracking all steps of the signing process.

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Strong protection with digital certificate Strong protection with digital certificate

Custom app with multiple documents

Upgrade the way you collect signatures with Jotform Apps. Add e-sign documents to your customized app to collect signatures on the go. Power your app with e-signatures and reach a wider audience today.

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Custom app with multiple documents Custom app with multiple documents

Access code protection

Need extra protection for a sensitive document? Add another layer of security by setting up a unique access code that you can share with your signers.

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Access code protection Access code protection

General and private messages

Need to include additional information for your signers? From the Jotform Sign Builder, you can add an individual message for a specific participant, or send a general message to all participants.

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General and private messages General and private messages

Audit trail

Track your signature process from start to finish with Jotform Sign’s auto-generated audit trail — which gives you a step-by-step chronological record of signer actions.

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Audit trail Audit trail

Automatic reminders

Never worry about due dates again. Make sure your documents are filled out on time by setting up automated reminder emails to notify your signers of an upcoming signature deadline.

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Automatic reminders Automatic reminders

Jotform Sign Mobile

Take Jotform Sign with you wherever you go. Create, send, and sign documents from any mobile device — even without internet access. Set up push notifications to get an email as soon as your document is signed.

Jotform Sign Mobile Jotform Sign Mobile

CC recipients for documents

Keep all relevant parties in the loop. Allow signers to CC recipients so non-signing individuals can stay up to date on the signature process.

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CC recipients for documents CC recipients for documents

Document expiration date

Limited-time offer? Simply set an expiration date for your document to prohibit access after a predefined period of time.

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Document expiration date Document expiration date