Shopify pricing plans review: How much does Shopify cost?

One of the most common questions business owners have when they’re shopping for an e-commerce platform is “How much does Shopify cost?” There isn’t a simple answer because Shopify has several plans, each offering a different set of features. 

While you might be tempted to select a plan based on price, it’s important to consider which plan gives you what you need. After all, if you end up paying less for a plan that’s missing necessary features for your store, it won’t be worth the savings. 

In this article, we cover the plans Shopify offers and look at the differences in features for each.

How much does Shopify cost?

Free trial

If you want to test drive Shopify, check out the free trial offer. You can begin creating your Shopify store free of charge, without selecting a plan. This allows you to get a feel for whether Shopify’s usability and feature set is the right fit for your business. When you’re ready to start selling products on Shopify, you’ll then need to commit to a plan.


If you’re a new e-commerce business, the Basic plan will likely be a good fit for your budget. You can also use this plan if you occasionally have in-person sales (such as at a tradeshow or fair). 

Shopify’s Basic plan costs $29 per month (annual billing), and it includes some important features that are standard across all plans, such as 24-7 support, unlimited product listings, and abandoned cart recovery.

With the Shopify Basic plan, two members of your staff can access the Shopify POS and Shopify admin. This is important to note if you have more than two staff members who’ll need access to these features. 

The Basic plan also includes up to 77 percent off shipping with DHL Express, UPS, and USPS, and it allows you to have up to 10 inventory locations.

When it comes to Shopify Payments with the Basic plan, the credit card rate is 2.9 percent plus 30 cents, while in-person credit and debit rates are 2.6 percent plus 10 cents. The online international and American Express credit card rate is 3.5 percent plus 30 cents. 

If you’re not using Shopify Payments, you have to pay a transaction fee of 2 percent. With this plan, you don’t have the ability to calculate duties and taxes on international sales.


The next pricing plan is called Shopify, and this one is ideal for growing businesses that sell online, in store, or both. At $79 per month (annual billing), this plan includes all the features of the Basic plan and gives you more flexibility. 

The Shopify plan includes a total of five staff accounts, a steeper shipping discount up to 88 percent, and USPS Priority Mail cubic pricing. This plan also includes standard analytics reports, while the Basic plan offers only basic reports.

For Shopify Payments, the credit card rate is 2.7 percent plus 30 cents, while the in-person credit and debit rate is 2.5 percent plus 10 cents, both a notable decrease from the Basic plan. The online international and American Express credit card rate is also lower at 3.3 percent plus 30 cents. Plus, the transaction fee if you don’t use Shopify Payments goes down to 1 percent.


The Advanced Shopify pricing plan is best for larger businesses that need detailed reporting. This plan has a much heftier price tag of $299 per month (annual billing), but it also comes with more advanced features. 

In addition to all the features that come with the Basic and Shopify plans, this plan includes 15 staff accounts, making it ideal for businesses with a growing number of employees. Plus, it comes with advanced reporting features, so businesses can always have their finger on the pulse of their company’s operations and finances.

For Shopify Payments, the online credit card rate is 2.4 percent plus 30 cents, while the in-store credit and debit card rate is 2.4 percent, a slight decrease from the Shopify plan. The online international and American Express credit card rate drops to 3.1 percent plus 30 cents. If you choose not to use Shopify Payments, your transaction fee will be less than 1 percent.

If you serve international customers, this is the only plan that offers estimations for duties and import taxes to give customers more clarity on their total cost. 

Other options

For high-volume businesses there’s the Shopify Plus plan at $2,300 per month, available on a 1- or 3-year term. This comprehensive plan includes 200 inventory locations and provides unlimited staff accounts to cater to your needs.

Now that you know how much Shopify costs and the differences between features in each plan, you can make an informed decision about which option is the better fit for your business.

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