How Jotform Apps reduced Burger King New Zealand’s workload

How Jotform Apps reduced Burger King New Zealand’s workload

Imagine an opportunity to condense a full day’s work into a few hours. Would you take advantage?

It’s no stretch to assume that you would. Michael Nacario of Burger King New Zealand already has. His method? Jotform Apps.

First, Nacario decided to ditch paper forms and create custom online forms with Jotform. But after discovering the Jotform Apps no-code app builder, which acts as a mobile hub for multiple forms, Nacario realized he could go a step further.

“Anything that we can do to make things easier and faster, but also trying to work smart, that’s our goal,” Nacario says. “And Jotform has created that.”

Health and safety simplified

Health and safety checks are a top priority for Nacario, operations developer at New Zealand’s 76 Burger King locations.

To monitor health and safety at each restaurant, Nacario used to deal with an avalanche of email, not to mention paper forms. Plus, employees had to negotiate company computers and makeshift workarounds, such as uploading photos from their phone to a desktop to complete the process.

But with Jotform Apps, Nacario streamlined his method for gathering information remotely. He built apps that support multiple forms and can be shared via QR code with associates near and far.

“Jotform made things easier and faster from the organizational side; it reduced the email traffic drastically,” Nacario says. “I just sent all the QR codes to restaurants and no matter what I change in the app, they can still use the codes. It provided consistency in terms of communication and information.”

Nacario’s data arrived more efficiently after he turned to Jotform, and once his information appeared in his Jotform Inbox, it was easier to view and analyze. Altogether, he saved hours of time.

“Everything was captured and then stored straight away, and the submissions could easily be viewed. We could easily provide a list of who was outstanding and then follow up on those few. So it went from a whole-day task to two or three hours. It’s really streamlined that process for us, and it makes the restaurant teams more effective with compliance-related tasks.”

Naturally, Nacario didn’t stop there. He created 10 different apps so Burger King New Zealand could notify restaurants of updates, collect supply requests, and more. Though Nacario focused on the functionality of his forms and apps, he added custom elements, including the company logo.

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Nacario’s project was an upgrade for him and for his end users, Burger King New Zealand’s restaurant employees.

“Building forms and apps was intuitive. When I entered the site, I could easily make them without much effort. Also, I haven’t got any complaints from the restaurants, and they’re quite good with their feedback. If something wasn’t working, they would get back to me straight away,” Nacario says with a laugh.

Searching for a better way

When Nacario decided to find an online form builder, he didn’t know where to start. So he began where most modern queries do — the internet. He found multiple options but decided that Jotform was best for his company’s particular needs.

With some online form builders, such as Microsoft Forms, end users need access to company software licences. With Jotform, Nacario’s colleagues only need a mobile device. In fact, Jotform’s apps function on both mobile and desktop devices.

But what really sold Nacario on Jotform was the simplicity and power of its forms, highlighted by Jotform’s drag-and-drop user interface and the more than 200 industry- and task-specific app templates.

“I didn’t have to read a manual. I could just create a form — you did this, you added that, and that was it,” Nacario says. “I remember the first one I created was very, very simple. I added a few elements, and there we go; we used it straight away. That’s really great from our point of view — it reduces the stress that we have.”

Nacario’s fruitful, stress-reducing online discovery quickly snowballed into something more. “[We] started off with one or two forms to test out the waters,” he says, and then expanded to include widgets and conditions.

Once Nacario built his fleet of apps with Jotform Apps, he had to share them with dozens of associates. He soon discovered how easy it was to share his apps and make changes or additions, especially as the pandemic altered daily life in New Zealand.

Different times, same QR code

An essential feature of Jotform Apps is its ability to store and share multiple forms at once. When Nacario used individual online forms, he needed a new QR code for each form he created. But with multiple forms squared away in a single app, he could add or change forms seamlessly within each app and use the same QR code.

“With apps, you have this one code that people scan out in the restaurant. And if you want to change or add a form, you can, and it doesn’t change the QR code,” says Nacario. “I can add elements. I can remove elements. And it’s not going to change.”

That feature paid dividends for Nacario during the pandemic. He added multiple forms to his apps, including a COVID-19 alert-level form and a visitors log for contractors. Nacario plans to add more content to his custom apps in the future, including links, instructional videos, and more images.

Nacario has already used Jotform Apps to cut hours from his workload and reduce stress throughout Burger King New Zealand. He can count the hours he’s saved, too — he briefly tried returning to his old methods, and the new system proved superior.

“We actually did a test,” Nacario explains. “We sent an alert, a confirmation out to the team the old way, and it took us a whole weekend to get confirmation back from half our restaurants. When we send an app, it’s completed within a day.”

It all started with a simple internet search. But now, there’s no going back for Nacario and Burger King New Zealand.

“If there was no Jotform or Jotform app builder, our life would be hell,” Nacario says, chuckling as he remembers his since-banished methods. “We would have to use a lot of Excel sheets,” with a lot of “checking and confirmation, and a lot of days of extra work; trust me.”

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Nacario, operations developer for Burger King New Zealand, says that Jotform Apps has helped reduce the organization’s stress and workload.

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