PayPal Sans: The New Exclusive Font For PayPal

PayPal has recently got a new custom typeface: PayPal Sans.

Designed exclusively for PayPal by the Klim Type Foundry, PayPal Sans comprises of two sub-families: PayPal Sans Big and PayPal Sans Small, as well as 14 styles. As a custom font, PayPal Sans is something you will see in use exclusively on PayPal website and mobile apps.

This font has taken several months in the making, and PayPal’s logic behind a custom sans serif typeface was to find a font that is:

  • mobile-first and numeral-centric
  • performs well across different devices and resolutions
  • space-efficient, and renders well even on smartphones in portrait mode
  • relies on humanist design principles

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Naturally, PayPal Sans is more of a minimal and functional font design, and not decorative or flamboyant. The lettering in PayPal Sans is horizontally economical without sacrificing legibility or readability, especially considering the fact that PayPal’s audience involves users who rely a lot on the mobile app.

The two sub-families of the font, PayPal Sans Big and PaPal Sans Small, have a very subtle difference between them — a 13px size difference in terms of styles.

You can see PayPal Sans in action on the PayPal website or mobile apps, and read more about the design ideology behind this custom font on this page.

What do you think of Paypal Sans as a font? Share your views in the comments below!

Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels

Sufyan bin Uzayr writes for various magazine and blogs, and has authored several books. He is the guy behind Code Carbon.

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