Jotform + PayPal Invoicing integration: A new way to bill

Jotform + PayPal Invoicing integration: A new way to bill

Collecting donations or selling something online can be a hassle when you need several different platforms to get the job done.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could gather information, conduct sales, arrange payments, and issue invoices in a single place?

Jotform’s new integration with PayPal Invoicing has turned this vision into a reality by making it easy for you to collect information, keep track of payments, and, above all, get paid.

That kind of workflow lets you focus on your business and spend less time sending follow-up emails or sharing links to a secure payment gateway.
Rather than sending an online form and PayPal invoice separately to the same person, the new PayPal Invoicing integration with Jotform automates this process.

PayPal Invoicing

That means people can make arrangements to send a certain amount of money to you, snap up items for sale, or purchase one of your services while they fill out your form.

Any payment details clients or customers enter into your form will populate a PayPal invoice that will appear on their screen automatically once they submit the form. A copy of the invoice also will be sent to their email address. All they need to do is open the email and click on the payment link, which redirects them to their invoice on the PayPal website.

PayPal Invoicing

Photographers, for example, can use the PayPal Invoicing integration to sell their services in a model release form or photo session agreement and send customers a PayPal invoice automatically once the information is submitted.

Since any invoice and payment information is updated automatically in real time, you can track these activities easily by logging into your PayPal account.

PayPal Invoice

How to access PayPal Invoicing

Once you add PayPal Invoicing to the form you’re building, all you need to do is log into your PayPal account and set up the invoice details, including the type of currency you want to use. Note: You must select a destination email from a dropdown list in the “Bill to” section (based on existing fields in your form), or the integration will not work.

PayPal Invoicing

You can even set specific payment details, depending on what’s being sold or why money is being collected.

For instance, you can include details about the products that you want to sell, including available quantity, sizes, colors, price, and images. The payment settings even allow you to include coupon details, shipping options, and taxes.

Jotform + PayPal Invoicing integration: A new way to bill Image-1

Note: You must enter your name and your company’s name in the “Additional Gateway Settings” dropdown menu before clicking “Continue” to add a product and modify additional details.

Jotform + PayPal Invoicing integration: A new way to bill Image-2


Online platforms can take the manual work out of your workflow, but it’s exasperating when you need several solutions to create an integrated payment collection experience.

Jotform’s integration with PayPal Invoicing streamlines that process by creating a one-stop shop where you can gather information, make sales, arrange payments, and send out invoices.

Give the new PayPal Invoicing integration a try today, and see how easy it is to incorporate Jotform into your online billing process.

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