Top 5 recruiting software tools for 2024

The recruiting process can be incredibly time-consuming. Between posting job openings, screening resumes, communicating with candidates, and onboarding new employees, recruiting teams and HR professionals have to juggle a lot of responsibilities. Is your team looking for a better way to manage it all?

If you think about your day-to-day workflow, you can probably identify opportunities for improvement. Maybe there are redundant tasks you could streamline using automation and digital solutions. Or maybe you want to amplify your efforts and improve the overall quality of new hires coming into your company. 

In either case, it’s time to leverage software solutions so you can reduce the number of manual tasks in your recruiting workflow — or even take a few of them off your plate entirely.

Recruiting software features

You can integrate recruiting software with other HR software tools you might be using already, or you can choose a standalone system to fill in the gaps in your current workflow. As you’re comparing options, here are a few features you might want to look for in a software solution:

  • Applicant tracking
  • Candidate screening
  • Candidate evaluation tools
  • Recruitment marketing
  • Social media posting
  • Job board development
  • Interview management
  • Recruitment forms and templates

Tools that provide these features can do a lot to optimize your recruitment process and improve your workflows. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular recruiting software tools to help you find an option that might be a good fit for your needs.

1. BambooHR

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If you’re looking for a fully automated solution, BambooHR is a great system to consider. This software offers reliable, mobile-friendly tools that can help you find and track candidates for your open positions. Not only does BambooHR assist with recruiting, but it’s also helpful with onboarding, to ensure a smooth transition into the workplace.

One notable benefit of BambooHR is the wide range of HR tools you get in one system. In addition to recruiting and hiring solutions, this software also offers payroll processing, employee engagement, automated reminders, benefits administration, workforce data analytics, and more. All of these tools combined give you a centralized solution for managing every detail of the employee life cycle.

2. JazzHR

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Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the tools available through JazzHR. The cloud-based portal provides one central location where you can customize every step of the recruiting and hiring process.

This recruiting software enables your team to post jobs across multiple platforms quickly, source resumes and applications, track applicants, and manage the interview process.

Customizable reporting helps you share the results of your recruiting campaigns, and additional features enable people to share job postings through customized tracking links and participate in employee referral programs.

3. Freshteam

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Freshteam is affordable recruitment software with applicant-tracking solutions and an intuitive interface. This software is part of Freshworks, which offers a suite of business tools. The recruiting tools are beneficial to businesses of all sizes, with both free and paid versions available, depending on the features you need.

Freshteam gives recruiters the ability to share job postings, review applicants, short-list candidates, schedule interviews, and make offers. Not only can you improve workflows for recruiting teams, but there are solutions for collaborating with hiring teams to support the onboarding and new-hire training processes.

4. ApplicantStack

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This recruiting software focuses on making collaboration easier for everyone involved in the hiring process: administrators, hiring managers, recruiters, and applicants. The robust features of this tool let you easily manage multiple job openings and screen hundreds of resumes. Prescreening interview questions help you optimize your short-lists so you can improve the quality of every hire.

In addition to candidate screening and management, ApplicantStack also provides communication features, such as texting, email notifications, and more. Job posting tools eliminate the need to log into multiple social media sites and job boards, and customized workflows allow you to choose the features you need and hide the ones you don’t.

5. Jotform

If you’re looking for a fully customized recruitment process, Jotform is a great option. Forms and spreadsheet templates create a robust recruiting solution. You can use Jotform templates to

The benefit of using forms and tables is that you don’t need separate tools to manage your hiring data. Jotform Tables integrates with these form templates, so you can easily consolidate all the information you gather in one database. When candidates and team members submit information through digital forms, the responses automatically populate Jotform Tables.

From there, you can manage and organize data and collaborate with other members of your team. For example, you can quickly refer to a table to see a candidate’s progress or run side-by-side comparisons of multiple candidates. Reporting and access features give you the option to share information with stakeholders and assign task ownership.

If you’re looking for solutions to improve workflow efficiency in the hiring process, reputable recruiting software is a critical part of a system upgrade. Jotform gives you the flexibility to create personalized forms and tables that cater to your organization’s unique needs.

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