7 unique recruitment ideas to attract top talent

It’s a job seeker’s market out there, and finding top talent can be a huge challenge. According to the National Federation of Independent Business, 88 percent of companies trying to hire employees are finding few or no qualified applicants for their open positions.

To attract the right kind of job applicants, employers need to come up with unique recruitment ideas that will stand out in a competitive marketplace.

One of the biggest challenges companies face right now is that the most qualified candidates are likely already employed and reasonably happy with their positions. Sure, they might scan job listings after a particularly rough day, but they’re reluctant to leave what they have.

  1. Attend industry events

  2. Take a look at sites like Meetup.com to find local events where passive job seekers might gather. Coworking spaces also host events where you might find talent. After all, people who are continually updating their skills and looking to network with others in their industries are exactly the candidates you want to talk with.

    Go where the people you want to meet are gathering. If you’re looking for a software developer, attend local hackathons.

  3. Host your own events

  4. If there aren’t any industry events in the area, or the ones you’ve attended are somewhat lackluster, consider hosting your own. This is an opportunity to attract top talent to your organization, show them a little bit of your company culture, and provide them with a valuable experience.

    If you’re looking for legal staff, you might host a continuing education seminar. If there are no hackathons where you can meet software developers, host your own. This has the added benefit of letting you see what the candidates can do.

  5. Consider using AI

  6. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a valuable tool for finding strong candidates without sifting through thousands of resumes and LinkedIn profiles. AI tools can screen the social media profiles and resumes of large numbers of potential candidates, administer job application tests, answer candidate questions, and automate other aspects of the recruitment process.

    AI tools can narrow the field so you can focus on the interviews and reference checks that require a human touch.

  7. Speak to them — literally

  8. Written job descriptions are essential, of course, but seldom are they enticing or memorable. One unique way to catch the attention of job seekers is a funny podcast or a short YouTube video that showcases your employer brand. An amusing and memorable ad will pique the curiosity of potential candidates.

    Getting candidates curious about your company is a big step toward coaxing them to look at open positions. Just becoming favorably memorable within your industry is important to bolstering your employer brand.

  9. Use online forums

  10. Online communities like Reddit and Quora are good places to prospect for potential candidates. Search for threads related to the position that you’re trying to fill. For example, if you’re looking for a DevOps professional, look through the DevOps forum on Reddit, where these professionals often offer tips and advice to each other.

  11. Get friendly with Realtors

  12. Realtors are a great recruiting source because of their insight into who is moving into the area. If there are couples buying a house or renting an apartment through a Realtor, one half of the couple may not have a job yet. Local Realtors can pass along information about your company to people relocating to the area.

  13. “Puzzle” your candidates

  14. If you’re looking for tech talent good at problem solving, consider running a puzzle competition, such as solving a 60-second programming challenge for a prize or solving a math equation that leads to your job application.

    Fun recruitment ideas like these will grow your pool of qualified candidates and provide word-of-mouth buzz about your company. Only the best prospects will be able to complete the challenge, and even if they don’t apply for the position, the worst-case scenario is that you now have their contact information so you can reach out later.

This fiercely competitive market for talent requires you to get creative to attract the attention of passive candidates. The sky’s the limit, so don’t be afraid to use quirky methods to get the attention of top talent.

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