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With remote work becoming more common, businesses have started to transition to hiring entirely remote employees. These employees may be located in different time zones or states, which has impacted how businesses interview and hire new team members. Now, with COVID-19 forcing remote work on many businesses, remote interviewing and hiring are becoming even more common.

For the remote interview process to be a success, your business needs to use the right tools and software. The following options can help to facilitate virtual interviews, making the process easier for both hiring managers and job applicants.

Interview scheduling tools

Scheduling video interviews or phone interviews can be tricky, especially if you’re corresponding through email. These tools can streamline that process, making it easier for both you and the job applicants.

1. Jotform

Jotform’s customizable appointment forms can help you take control of your schedule. When you’re ready to schedule interviews with applicants, just send them a link to a form. They then fill out the form and reserve an appointment — without having to go back and forth with you through email.

You can also use Jotform to gather applications. Customize existing employment application templates to include the specific fields that matter most to your business and then print out PDFs of responses for reference during your remote interviews.

2. Calendly

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Another way to streamline the scheduling process is with Calendly. With the Pro plan, you can share up to six of your calendars through email, so applicants can book an interview in your available time slots. Calendly also offers a free option.

Applicant assessment software

Applicant assessment platforms can inform your interviews. Conducting assessments before interviewing potential candidates can help you identify quality candidates — and the answers may inform the types of questions you ask.

3. pymetrics

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With pymetrics, applicants complete games and exercises to determine important traits — like cognitive strengths, risk aversion factors, and behavioral tendencies. 

The platform can also measure the attributes of your best staff members to determine which characteristics determine an employee’s success at your company. This data created specifically for your business may give you a unique advantage in evaluating applicants.

4. eSkill

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eSkill offers tests and behavioral assessments, and it functions as a video interview tool. It’s equipped with a test library that encompasses many subject areas, saving you time. You can also upload your own test or design a custom test by choosing your favorite questions.

5. Harver

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Harver offers a combination of interactive assessments, predictive analytics, and workflow automation to streamline your hiring process. It’s also a fabulous resource on hiring education; you can access free e-books, white papers, and podcasts to help you learn how to hire better.

6. HackerRank

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Designed specifically for finding developers, HackerRank is a technical interview platform that helps you screen applicants and hire developers who have the right skills for the job. This technical skills assessment software looks beyond candidate experience and features objective skills assessments.

Videoconferencing tools

Effective video interviewing depends on reliable, quality videoconferencing tools. Below are some of the best video chat options.

7. Zoom

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Zoom offers online meetings, online conference rooms, and even video webinars. The online meetings and conferences are ideal for initial and follow-up interviews with larger teams at your business. Zoom is a versatile, easy-to-use platform, and it’s free to use at the basic levels.

8. Skype

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Skype offers audio and HD video calls for a quality video interview experience. With an applicant’s permission, you can record Skype calls to review later on. End-to-end encryption will help keep sensitive calls private. Skype is free to use.

9. VidCruiter

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VidCruiter takes a different approach to video interviews — the interview software records one-way candidate interviews for you to review, saving you time in the screening process and helping you find the best candidates for second and third interviews. This also helps to eliminate scheduling challenges when you’re interviewing candidates who are already working full-time positions and aren’t available for interviews during traditional business hours.

As an added bonus, VidCruiter doubles as an applicant assessment tool. Automated assessments test applicants’ hard and soft skills.

10. Spark Hire

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Like VidCruiter, Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform allows candidates to complete video interviews on their own time. Candidates respond to your interview questions, and you review those video responses at your leisure. This can help save you time. You can share the videos with hiring managers and identify the best candidates for in-person or live video interviews.

Preparing for successful remote interviews

Remote interviews require a slightly different approach than traditional interviews, but many of the skills you already use for in-person interviews will transfer. By identifying the software and tools that work best for your business, you can create an efficient, effective, and easy-to-use remote interviewing process. Not only is this important for your own time and efficiency, but it will convey your professionalism to candidates as well.

A journalist and digital consultant, John Boitnott has worked for TV, newspapers, radio, and Internet companies for 25 years. He’s written for, Fast Company, NBC, Entrepreneur, USA Today, and Business Insider, among others.

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