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How to Enable Autofill on Forms

How to Enable Autofill on Forms

The Autofill (Continue Forms Later) offers ways to form fillers to save the partially completed form and come back to it at a later date to continue. It is useful for long forms or forms with multiple pages. 

The updated Autofill feature now sends the Session Link through the submitter's email address without the need to use two forms. The Session Email can also be customized or branded with your company's logo. The sender email can also be changed.

To enable Autofill, you need to navigate to the following windows:

1. Click SETTINGS at the top > FORM SETTINGS on the left > then click the SHOW MORE OPTIONS button.

2. Scroll down a bit and change CONTINUE FORMS LATER to ENABLED.

Once enabled, you can click the Customize Save and Continue Later Email link to set up the Session Email as mentioned above. 

You'll get the following window when clicking the link:

Email Subject: You can customize the message on this box plus personalize it with the form title.

Email Content: You can customize the logo, the image, and the message. We do not recommend removing the button and the {{shareLink}} tag.

In the Advanced tab, you'll see the Sender Email:

You can add a custom sender email through your Account - Settings tab. Guide below:

Don't forget to click the Save Changes button if you're done. 

How does this work? It's simple! The Save button is added beside the page break or the submit button of the form.

**The text can be changed by clicking on it in the form builder.

Once the button clicked, users will get the following window:

Users can connect with their Google or Facebook accounts. When they do, it creates a JotForm account for them, and they'll get the Session Email. 

Users can also skip creating an account by clicking the Skip Create an Account link at the bottom of the window. Once the link is clicked, the next window will appear:

**The email address is automatically filled if there's an email field in the form and the user fills it first. Otherwise, the user will be asked to enter it. 

The Send Link button once click sends the Session Email in the following format:

Users can click on the session button or link to continue. If users access the form without the session ID in the form URL, they'll be prompted with the following window:

Clicking the Discard & Start Over option will open up a blank form. The old session is still saved, and users can continue on that session provided that they still have the link. Otherwise, it is considered lost as we do not keep sessions in the form due to security/privacy reasons. 

If the Continue With Draft option is clicked, their previous session is automatically loaded for them to continue.

Here's a demo form if you'd like to try it:

That's pretty much it! If you have difficulties getting this to work or if you have issues with the autofill, post it as a comment below or go to our support forum and create a thread. 

Contact Support:
Our customer support team is available 24/7 and our average response time is between one to two hours.
Our team can be contacted via:
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  • opm_it

    Good day , i would like to remove the create an account pop up when a use clicks save. how can this be done , it should go directly to the screen that appears when a user click skip create account.

  • marxmyth

    Am I right that if I use save and continue later, the user gets a link to come back to her saved information? Is it also true that if I use save and continue later, the user's data is retained and appears next time they open the scholarship application JotForm?

    I need a system where the user's data is not saved on the computer, as multiple students will be completing scholarship applications on the same computer. When one students leaves, I want her data to be gone so the next student starts with an empty form.

    I do want the student to get an email with a link that will take her back to the data she submitted. I've done this in the past via the starter form and main form method. Now it looks like the new save and continue method will not work for me because it retains student data in the computer.

    If it does not work for me, can I use the old method? (the starter form and main form system)

  • IhccInc

    When user try to save our form, they do not have the "Skip Create an Account" option. The only way they can save is to create an account. How come we don't have that option?

  • Bioheat

    Hello There
    We want to send out survey forms to our engineers with the work & contact details already filled in i.e. name, address, phone etc.
    How can we automate this or do we have to manually enter the data into fixed fields on the form before we send it?

  • J Pats

    Hi there,

    Is there a way to skip popup showing?

    I just want the customer to "Skip Create an Account". I was intending to have this as an iFrame on my website, so want to make it look like it is completely built-in, and don't want them to suddenly think - what is JofForm? Needs to be only my branding.

    Thank you.

  • BrewerLong

    Same problem as uchcaz. I can see the SAVE button in edit mode, but not in Preview.

  • uchcaz

    I set this up as described and I can now see a SAVE button in edit mode, but not when viewing the form.

  • 48HourWebsite

    We experience the same problem as bondapp147 - the email goes to our Jotform account and not the user.

  • bondapp147

    Hi, for some reason the "enter the email" functionality isn't working for my form - the email goes to our Jotform account and not the user. Might be due to the fact that we're using the old "2-form" process to enable save and continue. Can you please have a look and advise?

    Form 1:

    That leads to form 2 (where we need the save functionality):


  • PaneraTech

    Why can't I add 'Form Fields' to the Session Email? If a user creates multiple sessions, there is no way to tell one session email from another.

  • laurena1


    Is there any way people can access their saved forms for longer than a 24 hour period?


  • BluePearlsEnrichmentFoundationI

    Do you need to use both the session parameter method and also enable the continue forms later button for data to be saved or are you good with only using one or the other?


  • Carpenter277

    Trying to use translate for forms but no autofill or translating not working can you help Thanks

  • karenb25

    That is great, thank you very much for coming back to me.



  • Gracieroo

    Hi! I have several name fields on my form... Owner Name, Registered Name, Call Name, etc.
    They are all being automatically filled with the Owner Name when autofill is used to complete their address, phone, email. How can I keep this from happening? Thanks!!

  • Phil Mather

    Is it posable for previous submissions from a jot form to auto fill in future forms.
    Foe example if a past submission has the client name and personal details can 5his auto fill the next time they use the form.
    Or if a client is regularly submitting the same information like product codes or expiration dates can this auto fill for them next time and they just change if required.

  • AiTing

    We've tried this and everything saved except the files we ask people to attach. We've tried firefox, chrome, and safari, whenever we leave the pages, everything saved, except files. Can you let us know how to solve it?


  • ciaud

    Continue forms Later - Don´t Work!!!

  • SouthernAtheltics

    How can we give our repeat customers the quickest/easiest way to complete new forms? A single customer may purchase 4 or more programs a year, and each program must have its own registration form. Rather than asking our customers to enter their contact info and other personal info 4 or more times a year (every time they purchase a program), how can we make this process as close to 1-click as possible for repeat customers?

  • aupairassist

    how will the URL look like of the form when my customer clicked on it? Which number will you use?

  • sa


  • Susan1

    Your video shows the old way and the new way doesn't show a way to see how long the continue form is enabled - can someone come back a week later, a month later, etc.? Thanks,

  • customlogoshop

    How can I stop the form from clearing when the user goes back from PayPal?

    When I use the submit button to to paypal, it goes to the first page of my form with all the data cleared

  • pivotmedia

    I tried to do put this option in place; however, it did not work?

  • amutha

    in running program,the last section of only textbox data not appear.

    i add autofill option,but the textbox data not appear in online.

  • karenb25

    The auto fill function does not appear to be working now on our form.

    I have checked the form is set up properly and auto fill is enabled on jotform but when one of our assessors enters data and then closes the form the date inputted is no longer there.

  • karenb25

    Is there a way of clearing the data once the form has been finished and submitted?

    I went back into my form today and submitted it, but now when I enter the form link I get the previous one that I already completed and submitted.

  • Deb

    is it possible to enter previously submitted info?

    a) to update months after submitting

    b) pasting info from google sheet, then sending form with that info already entered

  • Kieng

    I don't see the Autofill option listed under Preferences. How do I get this option so that I can enable it?

  • K

    Just to clarify, does this still save to the database on jotform any partially completed forms? For example, if I had a long form with multiple pages, and wanted to make sure I was collecting even partially completed forms (to determine if people were getting stuck/which questions they were abandoning the form at, etc) would this solution allow me to do this? If not, is there any way I could get partially completed forms to save to the jotform database? Thanks for your help!

  • RuthfWestcott

    It doesn't save your uploaded documents :(

  • Brian Hearne

    Hi, just to clarify, this will work over a form that has multiple pages right?


  • campustarget

    Thank you for doing this! This saves the day for us!

  • vision2die4

    great job guys - that previous workaround looked like a complete head ache

  • bouillon

    Thanks, that solves that problem

  • pckingpankaj


  • PanaWakke

    Guys, many thanks!

    One more question: Does it work provided you're using the same computer or is there a form ID that the person filling the form should store?

    Thanks again!


  • Ilia

    Hi there,

    I just wanted to see if I am correct in saying that once this feature is enabled, i could send the form to 100 different people to fill in and each person's form would be unique to the content that they entered?

    However, should these people wish to close the form and continue at a later stage, will their info still be there? including there uploads?

    and will they be able to click simply click on the primary link they received to access their form that they were previously busy with?

    Thanks so much for your time!