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Changing the File Upload Size Limit

Changing the File Upload Size Limit

You may want to adjust the file size limit of your upload forms to allow more than the default value. However, the situation gets complicated if you've integrated your forms with Dropbox or Google Drive.

We've made a quick reference list of the upload size limits as stated on Dropbox's and Google Drive's official pages. Note that these limits may change along with Google or Dropbox’s policies and the numbers below may not be fully accurate. If you notice something is off, let us know in the comments.

JotForm individual max file size = 1GB or less per file (use 1048576 value in KB to set the 1GB limit)

JotForm maximum number of files = Recommended value is up to 25 files per submission

Dropbox individual max file size = 1GB.

🔘 Keep in mind of your monthly plan for JotForm when you're uploading to JotForm.

🔘 1GB is the max upload size for JotForm. This applies to the Single File Upload field. If you enable Multiple File Upload, the max file size is capped at 100MB. 

🔘 Google Drive gives only 15GB of space. If you do not purchase additional space, uploads larger than remaining allotted space will not complete.

Here's how to change the File Upload size limit on any form: 

1. Add a FILE UPLOAD field to your form.

2. Click the GEAR icon to open its properties.

3. Go to the OPTIONS tab.

4. Turn ON the LIMIT FILE SIZE option and set the MINIMUM and MAXIMUM file size limit (in KB) that you prefer.

How'd you do? If you have suggestions or comments about upload limits, please feel free to use the comments section below or opening a new thread in the forum page.

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  • reproimmunology610

    Hi! I have a cloud service which is p-cloud, how can I use this to save uploaded files via jotform? Can it be done?


  • aberaldo


    Our Jotforms are stating the for is over quota.

    "the form has exceeded its allocated quota"

  • simpsongalleries

    I have the file upload field in the body of the email but when I click on the link(s) I am getting a 404 error.

  • simpsongalleries

    I have turned the "Limit File Size" off, but on the submission form I am getting image links and the message "Attachments: Because the total size is more than 5MB the uploads are not attached."

  • axelphillips

    If the files uploaded are images... is there any way to downgrade the resolution so it will fit to these limitations automatically?

  • Asterdmhealthcare

    i have changed the max file size to i gb but its not getting refleted under teh upload button, it still shows 300 mb

  • danielaschimmel

    The Business Price says I have a storage of 1 TB. Why does it say here individual max file size is1GB ?? How can I allow users to upload file of 10GB?
    Thanks for your support!

  • Tableaux

    Is there a concern about file attachments being too big to send via Gmail? Example; I have email notifications set so that if a user uploads one or more files on my form, I get those attached to my email notification. If the files are too large to go through Gmail's restrictions, I won't get the notification.

    Any way around this?

  • yashwant shende

    Location Map pdf Exceeds 1 MB, Try with a Lesser Sized File



    I'm having problems opening the uploaded links on all my computers. I have the maximum size as 1048576 KB. Can you please help ASAP. I have 2 different offices and are trying to access the uploads on different computers.

  • andrewapodaca

    Can I have files loaded ONLY to Google Drive as that is the final destination and I don't need storage on both Jotform and GDrive?

  • secondchancekitty

    if i turn the limit size off can they upload whatever they want?

  • AmandamarieGillen

    Thank you so much for this!

  • Ana7878

    Bantu sy aktifkan link

  • keshav sharma

    i want to rechanging the file size limit

  • Hanter


  • PureWasabi


    1. I have a paid DropBox account (Pro) so have plenty of space. So reading from these points am I still limited to 300mb for files to go to my Dropbox folder from the upload button on a form?

    2. Also is there anyway to stop the videos from being stored in my jotform account (mirrored). Just simply uploaded to Dropbox? I don't want to fill up my account in Jotform or the files count against me.


  • ppttropika

    i have problem to upload the files

  • Dtforms

    I have the same issue with 400MB files on 22.6mb/s upload connection. Anything under is working. Most our media from our clients is 600-900mbs. Using the individual upload tool is not an option since they can have anywhere from 10-30 files to up. I notice you made reference to the file picker widget from File stack, why is this not an option anymore? Can I use their picker api with your form by setting an account directly with them?

  • viktora66

    ok, i found another thread, it looks like it should support changing upload file size in free account, but its not.
    i changed to 5000, but its coming back to 1024?????

  • viktora66

    do i have to have paid account to change file size? i just open free account, still creating page, testing form and i wanted to change upload file size to 5 mb but it will not allow me to do that, going back to default value..
    is it ok?
    thank you

  • Abigail

    I have a free account. I want to change my upload file size to be more than 1 MB, which is what is now. I know there is a limit so I'll change it to 200 MB, if I can. Problem is I type in a KB value and save it and it just still says that the upload file size limit is 1 MB.

  • jorgeleite

    I have a free acount.
    How increase de limit of upload.
    I've tried the solution to increase the upload to 5000 Kb but did not work, it is to have free account?

  • FakhirKhan

    Name of softwareplease


    As a free account user, how can i increase email limit from 5 to larger figure? I mean increasing the email limit under embeded form

  • David

    I've purchased more space for my gmail total 100GB but I am still not able to upload video file more than 100mb. How can I change it so that I can upload file more than 100mb to my google drive? Thanks

  • chs05s3x

    How do I disable uploading files to JotForm (since I am able to use my Google Drive / Dropbox space) ?

  • bpprall

    Do the upload limits apply to each submission, each form, or to the entire account which would contain a number of different forms, some of which might require uploads?

    Also, I am unable to access the "Max File Size" in a toolbar as shown in your screen shot.

  • Andy

    Copy is an awesome alternative that doesn't have file size limits. It is a service offered by Barracuda Networks and gives an extra 5GB free space for each referral. Sign up with my referral and get 20GB to start with instead of 15GB.

  • Surfline

    What is the Size limit for Box?
    Is there any plan to increase the min size to 2gb? For video uploads.

  • Jeremy

    why dropbox limit the max file size, when DriveHQ has no such limit.

  • Adam Babcock

    So, does linking your cloud storage avoid the JotForm upload limits? So, if I am limited to 100mb (or whatever ) by my JotForm Starter account, can I link Dropbox or GDrive to provide me -more- upload space?

  • tlimited

    how about for google drive? I can't upload a 400MB file :/
    Why is that?