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How to Customize PDF Submissions Report

How to Customize PDF Submissions Report

We are excited to announce that we have just released the new version of JotForm PDF Editor

A PDF Submission Report is typically a PDF file containing your form's submission data. This is also often called a PDF Report.

If you want to customize your PDF Report, the following steps will guide you through the process.

1. While on your MY FORMS page, select a form. Click MORE option, and click Create PDF Document option under DATA column. You will be taken to the PDF editor page.

2. On the PDF Editor page, you can start customizing your PDF Submissions. We have the Basic Elements tab which allows you to add Text, Heading, and Images in the PDF. The Form Fields tab is the section where you can add the fields from your form.

Note that your changes are saved automatically, no need to click any button to save.  

If you want to edit, create a new PDF document or delete an existing report, just follow the steps above to access the PDF editor and do these things. 

That's it! If you have questions, you can leave a comment below.

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  • woodleafcenter

    I cannot get the submission date off of the right hand corner of the document.

  • Newton Tavengwa

    This is great, how about if i would like to get the details on a pdf when someone submit the form from my website.

  • Western_Shield

    HI, I'm having trouble with how the submission data appears in a pdf I have downloaded from the submissions. The pdf continues to only show answered questiosn and several of my questions appear at the end of the pdf rather than where they should based on the order of questions in the online form. I have tried doing as you have suggested above but I have no option to choose "create PDF document" under More>data and I dont get the option to "show unanswered questions" when in the pdf editor.

    Can you please let me know why these options are not available?

  • songy42

    thanks gherwin!

  • Hernando


    ¿Quiero saber si ustedes brindan el soporte para poder hacerlo?

    Me gustaría que los usuarios de mi página pudieran comprarme los documentos legales que ellos mismos generen llenando los formularios.

    Nota: nosotros ya tenemos todas las plantillas que queremos ofrecer.

  • PUCompass

    The elements in my form keep shifting and I have to fix constantly. Why does it not save the layout of the elements?

  • asal
    شما ميتونيداستیکرموردنظر رو بصورت pdf برای چاپ ارسال کنید .

  • jack

    شما ميتونيداستیکرموردنظر رو بصورت pdf برای چاپ ارسال کنید .


    Cómo poder personalizar con logotipo de empresa las respuestas de los formularios que se guardan en el apartado inbox?

    muchas gracias

  • Romero_Shaun

    I have an original PDF document that each field has a different font size. How do i edit the submission font sizes on the original pdf upon submission? The PDF editer does not let me edit the fields on the original PDF.

  • ObservatorioGPS

    How to return to the previous version of the pdf editor

  • seandwo

    Thank You

  • christrupmichael89

    Thank you
    You have made it so easy. I'm put my my heading and change a few other things him I'll be done

  • christrupmichael89

    I thank you I didn't have to wait any amount of time. You saved me a lot time and trial and error. You knew what I needed and I appreciate all of your help thank you Michael christrup

  • christrupmichael89

    Thank you very much that is exactly what I need. You did an excellent job

  • channingadmissions

    Can you help?
    I just cannot work out how to delete two blank pages from a pdf of a submission.
    Can only see how to +add a page, not delete it.
    Grateful for any pointers.

  • jeisson.delgado

    Dear Jotforms Team,
    First of all thank you for the great service!
    My question is simple. How can I get all the submissions automatically converted to PDFs and sent to both my (creator) email and the user's? I remember in the past someone sent me a jotform and I filled it our as a user. The second i clicked "submit" i received a notification email (as a user) and walha! thee was an attached pdf with everything i filled out.
    Any help will be appreciated

  • foreverpets

    How do I make pdf printouts from the mobile app default to the new pdf form? I no longer want the original. Thanks.

  • Young_Charmaine

    Thank you. Is there a way to just download the submission for the inbox with the logo included without having to proceed to the PDF editor page?

  • dneujahr

    How do i change the margins on the pdf produced by jotform? When i print my information is off the page.

  • Railtrain

    Hi Help please

    1) I'm wanting to display filled fields and images based on field selection.
    2) Wanting to hide images without filled fields

    Thank you

  • SteveU23

    That almost worked, but the TEXT only elements are not being created on the PDF in option1

  • OntarioHockeyAcademy

    I find this extremely limited given that the form does not convert to PDF in the manner that the form was designed. Since there is no way to add columns or rows to the question fields to correct the distortion, a PDF is not a viable option.

  • madelinepua

    Is it possible to customize the "submitted" forms into a neater PDF form?
    As i realize it is very messy when I just download the submitted forms PDF immediately after they have submitted the form online.

  • craigolivas

    How do I get to the source code to build a custom PDF template within this editor structure?

  • sunshinepeds

    The page length of each of my submissions may vary based on whether some fields aren't shown because they're empty. Since we need a hard copy once the form is filled out, I want pages 2, 3, etc., to have the patient name and date at the top of each page. Looking back at other questions/answers, I see that you're supposed to be able to do it, but when I go into the PDF editor, I have fields that carry over from one page to the next. Even if I try to insert name/sub date at the top of the page (in between 2 questions), that's not where it might fall when the pdf is previewed. And if I add a page break, it might not fall where it's supposed to either.

    How do I get a header that will show up on the top of every page if the document is 2 pages or 10? I feel like I'm missing something obvious!

  • Texasfuelingcareers

    I dont understand. It's only showing one application in particular, i want to make changes to the way all applications are shown as pdf's. When i download a pdf, it leaves off pertinent information. How can i rearrange this order on all forms?

  • ISH24

    Hi, how do i set a pdf that I have created for submissions as a template?

  • NBC

    We are interested to see if JotForm could be used to create small fill-able PDF forms for offline use.
    Jotform looks promising, however there is one problem for us. We cannot find a way to set the document size. The only size available appears to be 8.5" x 11". We would like to have a form that is 4" x 4" in order to quickly enter data and then print a corresponding label.

  • TropForms

    Is it possible to link other fields from another form response in the same PDF report?? Using a key number to identify those fields?

  • olliwest

    I don't see a way to set the PDF document creator to not display headers and questions that were not displayed/answered. I have lots of logic in this form,, so some sections of the form don't even display depending on previous answers. However, when the PDF is generated it shows all of the headers, even the ones that weren't displayed/answered, and several question labels and sublabels that weren't displayed/answered.

  • cflomba

    I believe I used the Checklist Widget in my original design Is Checklist Widget no longer available?

  • Lois Maloney

    Hello, I am expecting about 300 replies to my invitation. Can I set the report in my inbox to print larger than the original? I would like my setting to stay in place for all replies, not reset it for every reply. I am forwarding the replies to group leaders and would like the print version in regular size, readable font. Would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you

  • trustattorneys

    The user inputted data to my inquiries get into the PDF. When a client clicks YES to the question "are they married" a new input box pops up in the interview BUT that spouse's name does not make it into the PDF.

  • mssmneur0

    I am looking to create a single PDF of the submissions that clicked "Presentation (Talk)" on my form.

    I am trying to capture everyone that is interested in giving a talk - not a "Poster"

    Tel: (212) 659-5962

  • jmpfeffer

    I am trying to print off registration forms and I like all of the options available. However, when I click on the 'Hide Empty Fields' tab, it doesn't hide the empty fields, it still shows the headers with a bunch of blank space underneath. For Example: I I have a family that has registered 1 child, but there are headers for participants 1-4, I am still getting headings of Participant 2, Participant 3 and participant 4, even though the fields were left blank.

    I only want to show fields that have been written in. I don't want the Headers of fields that are left blank. It's a waste of space on my forms. How do I do that?

  • HiveCleaning

    Hello, I would like to know how I can edit the positions and sizes of the photos uploaded. I need the photos to shrink when they are to large. I also want to have an pattern to the photo upload location.

  • jschrand83

    I am still in the old submission version how do I change to the new one were I can switch to multiple

  • DiamondEyeMS

    I understand how to get to the PDF customization what I am having a problem with is that I don't see where to change the PDF from two columns to one column.

  • Gonen

    Ok. Now i can only view the report in the new nice format that i built.
    I would like to save all submissions in google drive with this formt.
    How can it be done?
    It sabes to drive with default format

  • hrgarcia

    ¿Cómo cambia el nombre de su archivo PDF en función de los campos en su formulario? PERO EN LA VERSIÓN ANTERIOR....
    En la nueva versión se que lo puedo hacer pero no me gusta como organiza la información.

  • bigiadvantage

    How do you change the name of your PDF file based on the field(s) in your form?

  • CSC4kids

    I don't see a PDF Design under the reports page.

    2nd do I have to edit each submission? I would like all submissions to look the same? How do I make my layout of the submissions look exactly like the form?

  • morlingforms

    I love the functionality of the PDF editor... except there's no SAVE button when I EDIT the PDF template. So I don't get the option to apply my customised template to the email when I go back to the Email Notification Advanced Settings for the PDF attachment. I update the template (via the new blue button "OPEN IN PDF EDITOR), but with no SAVE button on the pdf editor screen it won't stick or update any of my customisations to the PDF template. And if it's supposed to be auto-saving, then it's not.


    PDF Editor just blank white screen... Solution given: "...use the "Switch to old version" button..."

    THERE ARE NO BUTTONS! The screen is completely blank! How can Jotform be this bad?

  • digi3dworks

    Let me add... this is showing the REPORT of the form filled out in PDF format...
    So why is it creating an editable PDF document? That is not the purpose of the "PDF Submissions Report", it is after the fact and should not be editable..the PDF report
    but after that, the formatting is not even close something is readable. Fields and text are overlapping etc...

  • digi3dworks

    This Editor has big issues..
    1 does not print correctly
    2 does not update the screens correctly
    3 does not remove empty fields like the old one
    Did anyone test this before launching it? Sure does not seem like it...

  • Upravlenie_kachestvo

    Can we switch back to the previous design? It was so much easier to work with and the needs and expectations of our organisation were met.

  • YMCACentralOH

    PDF editor does need a lot of improvements. Creating a form with Jotform is so easy and smooth but editing the PDF's appearance is a whole other experience that is very flawed. What would be good to see is a rich text editor that worked in full. Ability to format portions of text with ease, make lists, etc.

    Besides using the text feature, I tried adding the entire text field form my document and all of the other fields show on top of the text or the text just doesn't show at all. I also tried adding a screencap of the text and previewing that made the screencap really tiny for some reason.

    If you could get the PDF editor to work as good as the form editor, that would be really great. For now, it looks like I cannot use this feature for what I need.

  • Srinivasa

    How to PDF file download by mobile and system