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Collect, manage, and share form data using Jotform. With our suite of free data management tools, you can generate reports, PDFs, and securely share form submissions online.

Take full control of your form submissions data. Without complicated coding, you can view, share, download, assign, and track submissions from any device. Notify form users of incomplete submissions, and turn submissions into reports or PDFs automatically.

Easy Form Submission Management

Whether you need to access submissions on the go, share them with colleagues, or turn them into reports, Jotform makes it easier than ever to make the most of your submissions.

View form submissions

Access form data from your computer with Jotform Tables, our spreadsheet-database hybrid tool — or from any mobile device with the easy-to-use Jotform Mobile Forms app.

Share form submissions

Share your form’s submissions page with others by copying and pasting the link, sending email invitations, or embedding a table into your website.

Download form submissions

Store form submissions on your computer or mobile device by saving them as an Excel file, CSV, or PDF.

Assign form submissions

Manage your approval workflow by assigning statuses to submissions. Assignees can approve or reject submitted requests, applications, and more.

Track submissions

Keep track of submissions from assignees by clicking on their name in Jotform Form Builder. You can even send and schedule emails to remind them to fill out your form.

View incomplete submissions

Enable autofill or Save and Continue Later to save incomplete submissions, which you can view in a separate tab in Jotform Tables. Form respondents will receive a link to complete their submissions.

View submissions in Jotform Tables

Access your form data from any device using Jotform Tables, our all-in-one database tool you can view as a spreadsheet, a calendar, or easy-to-read cards.

Let users update submissions later

Create an autoresponder email for your form that instantly notifies users of incomplete submissions and allows them to finish filling out the form.

Create password-protected PDFs for submission emails

Ensure that submitted data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Set a password for access to PDF attachments in submission emails.

Generate reports on submission data

Turn submissions into eye-catching visual reports to expertly view, analyze, and share your form data.

Download submissions as PDFs

Convert submissions into PDFs and download the documents instantly. You can download submissions individually or all at once in a ZIP file.

Create automated reports in Jotform Tables

Generate bar graphs, pie charts, line graphs, and more to instantly view your data in Jotform Tables. Begin with a blank, extended, or compact report.

Customize PDF submission reports

Create a PDF report of submission data for a single form. Select Create PDF Document in your form’s More menu — then customize your PDF with our drag-and-drop PDF Editor.

Visualize submissions with reports

Jotform Report Builder generates visual reports using your survey, questionnaire, or other form data. Share as a PDF or embed in a web page to auto-update with new submissions.

Post submission data to “Thank You” page

Display form data on your form’s “Thank You” page after submission. Add it as a PHP script, pass form data to third-party services, or save data to a MySQL database