New feature: Create password protected PDFs for submission emails

New feature: Create password protected PDFs for submission emails

You asked and we delivered – Jotform has launched a new feature that allows you to set a password for PDF attachments in submission emails.

Many organizations, such as real estate agencies, law firms, and educational institutes, collect sensitive information from customers and clients. This includes home addresses, phone numbers, credit scores, and social security numbers.

These businesses need to ensure that the data collected doesn’t get into the wrong hands. To prevent this: password protected PDFs for submission emails.

Password Protected PDFs for Submission Emails

Using this feature is an all-around win because 1) It’s easy to implement and 2) It increases the privacy of your information. When you add a password to your created PDFs in submission emails, you safeguard the information every step of the way and make sure it’s only seen by the people meant to see it.

But to be crystal clear, this feature only protects the attached PDF. The email body is not encrypted by default, so you must enable form encryption to ensure the email body is protected.

There are various reasons why any company would need extra privacy around some of their sensitive materials. Perhaps you’re discussing a confidential business deal, dealing with personal information, or collecting private data.

Even if you’re not dealing with personal or private information, sometimes including an extra password is an added bonus, so you know all of your bases are covered.

Here’s how you set it up:

1. Go into your form and click “Settings” in the navigation bar. Once there, go to the left side panel and click, “Emails.” Then, click on the pencil “edit” icon.

Screenshot of the Settings Tab Clicking on Emails and then Edit Icon

2. Click on the “Advanced button”.

Screenshot of Notification 1 Emails Page Clicking on the Advanced Button

3. Toggle the PDF Attachment to “Yes”.

Screenshot of the Notification 1 Emails Page Toggling the PDF Attachment to Yes

4. Check the box that says, “Enable password protection”.

Screenshot of the Notification 1 Emails Page Clicking on Enable PDF Password

  5. Enter your chosen password into the textbox.  

Screenshot of the Notification 1 Emails Page Entering Password

  6. And finally, save your changes by clicking, “Save”.  

Screenshot of the Notification 1 Emails Page Saving the Changes

That’s it! Use this feature and know that your PDF attachments in submission emails are as safe as can be.

How has this new feature worked for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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