How to Post Submission Data to Thank You Page

October 11, 2021

Send Post Data is a feature that allows you to post form data to your Thank You page.

Some Use Cases:

🔘 Save data to a MySQL Database using your own server-side script.

🔘 Display form data to your custom thank you page using a PHP script.

🔘 Pass form data to any 3rd party services that accept HTTP Post.

To post form data to your thank you page, please follow these steps:

1. Click SETTINGS at the top.

2. Then FORM SETTINGS on the left nav.

3. Click the SHOW MORE OPTIONS button.

4. Scroll down until you see the SEND POST DATA section then set it to YES.

If you want to get your post data variables along with pre-formatted PHP codes, follow these steps:

1. Click SETTINGS at the top.

2. Then THANK YOU PAGE on the left.


4. Then paste the following URL:

Save your form and make a test submission. You should be able to see post data variables on your form thank you page along with the preformatted PHP codes.

Demo form:

Sample result:

Comments and suggestions are welcome below. If you have a question, post it in our Support Forum so we can assist you.

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