How To Assign Status To Submissions

October 15, 2021

In this guide, you’ll learn how to manage submissions approvals. 

You can approve or reject submissions using a hidden dropdown field. This is a bit like an Admin Approval System. It’s very useful for a number of use cases, such as accepting or declining a user’s booking. It’s also useful for application forms; you can approve applications if users meet the requirements or reject them if they don’t.

1. Add a dropdown field to your form with the approval options you want. To hide the field, right-click it, then select Hide.

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2. Let’s assume you’ve already received form submissions. To open your form submissions page,

a. Go to your My Forms page

b. Select the form and click on the Submissions button above it to open Jotform Tables

3. In Jotform Tables, select the submission with the status you want to update.

4. Click the three vertical dots icon.

5. Click the Edit Entry option.

6. Edit Entry will open the form with the user’s data in it. Now you can select an option in the dropdown field for approval.

7. Submit the form, and that’s it. Otherwise, click the X at the top right side of the page to cancel the edit.

If you’d like to notify users of the status of their submission, you can apply an email condition to your form.

How to assign a status to submissions through the old submissions page

On the old submissions page, select the entry from the grid of submissions, and then click the Edit button located at the top right corner of the window.

Select the status, and resubmit the form. Click the Cancel Edit button to cancel the edit.

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