How to Create a Visual Report With Your Form Submissions

April 17, 2024

With Jotform Report Builder, you can easily create eye-catching visual reports from your submission data. It allows you to customize your report with text, images, bar graphs, pie charts, and data grids.

Creating a Visual Report in My Forms

To create a visual report from the main dashboard

  1. Go to My Forms and choose a form.
  2. Open Reports at the top, then select Add New Report.
Steps to add a new report in Jotform
  1. Select Visual Report Builder.
The Visual Report Builder option in the Create a new report dialog
  1. In the dialog, enter your desired report name.
  2. Choose a Report Type, then select Create at the bottom.
The Create New Report configuration window

Here are the available report types:

  • Blank — Start from scratch and add your charts manually.
  • Extended Report — A single chart is shown per page.
  • Compact Report — Two charts are shown per page.

For the Extended and the Compact report types, the Report Builder will automatically create a chart for supported form fields and widgets.

Creating a Visual Report in My Reports

The My Reports page is where you can find and manage all your form reports.
To create a visual report

  1. Go to My Reports and select Create Report in the upper-left corner.
The Create Report button in My Reports
  1. Select Visual Report Builder.
  2. In the dialog, click Select a Form.
The Select a Form option in the Create New Report dialog
  1. Choose a form, then click Select Form.
A form picker dialog
  1. Specify your desired report name and type, then select Create at the bottom.

Creating a Visual Report From the Form Builder

To create a visual report from the Form Builder

  1. Open the App Selector panel in the upper-left corner
  2. Select Report Builder.
Steps to access Report Builder in Form Builder

This creates a visual report for the active form.

Creating a Report From Imported Data

You can import data for your visual report when creating a report from My Reports. For more information, see How to Import Your Excel or CSV File Data to Create a Visual Report.

The Import Data option in the Create New Report dialog

Creating a Sample Report

There is an option to generate a sample report when you create a visual report from My Reports.

The Sample Report option in the Create New Report dialog

The Sample Report option allows you to select from various sample report templates.

The sample report templates in the Create New Report dialog

Selecting Create in the Create New Report dialog will open your chosen visual report template with sample submission data. The sample submissions on the report come from the form that is also created automatically. The sample submission data will not be counted toward your account limits. You can update both the report and the form created during this process.

What Are the Report Elements You Can Add to Your Report?

The Add Element button in the Report Builder opens the Add Elements panel for customizing your visual report.

The Add Element button in Report Builder

You can select the elements or move them from the Add Elements panel to add them to your report page.

Basic Elements

The Basic Elements tab contains common elements for customizing your visual report:

  • Text — Display long paragraphs or hyperlinks.
  • Header — Display heading text for titles.
  • Image — Add your company logo or custom images.
  • Shapes — Include shapes in your report.
  • Icon — Include icons in your report.
  • Grid — Display submission data in your report.

Form Fields

Supported form fields are listed in the Form Fields tab and are displayed as charts when added to the report. You can use the search bar to filter supported form fields.

Accessing Your Visual Reports

You can access all your form reports in My Reports. You can also open a specific form’s report in My Forms from the Reports menu.

Steps to access a visual report in My Forms

Customizing Your Visual Report

The Report Builder is equipped with just the right tools that you can use to customize your visual report’s layout, pages, and elements. For more information, see How to Customize Your Visual Report.

Sharing Your Visual Report

Once your visual report is complete, select Publish in the upper-right corner to share the report link or embed the report into your website.

The Publish button in Report Builder

To learn more, see How to Share the Visual Report.

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