Performance Tracking Forms

40 Templates

Build a performance tracking form that works for any of your needs. Whether you're a company manager conducting annual performance reviews or a college professor giving student course evaluations, this Performance Tracking Form can help you gain valuable insight to improve your practices. Learn about how your audience feels about your work or teaching policies, how they rate their general experience, and more.

Want to personalize the content and look of this Performance Tracking Form? Simply drag and drop to make changes with no coding knowledge required. You can even personalize your form’s design elements like font, background color, text color, and upload images. Then share your form by embedding it in an online portal or copy-pasting a link to start collecting responses on any device. Learn more about your audience with your very own survey from Jotform.

Employee Performance Evaluation Form

An Employee Performance Evaluation Form is a form template designed to track individual performance, monitor employee progress, and provide detailed feedback to employees.

Human Resources Forms

Performance Appraisal Form

A performance appraisal form is used to evaluate employees’ work performance in order to see what they’re doing well and what they need to improve on.

Employee Evaluation Forms

End Of Work Day Report

Do you want to track your employees' progress? Your employees can fill this end of day report sample out at the end of every day so progress can be tracked by them and you. This employee end of day report includes completed tasks and goals for tomorrow. You can increase productivity by using this end of day report template!

Performance Tracking Forms

WAR Weekly Activity Report

If you want to create a weekly activity report for your business, this weekly activity report format will help you. You can register the activities that happen during the week, with this weekly action report. Start to use this weekly report template now to report the number of sales, appointments and recruiting!

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Job Form

Job log form provides you with the job title, staff name, and date with each of the tasks that are accomplished, their start and end time, work description, materials that are used in the process, and the files related to the job.

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Progress Note Form

A progress note form is sent by employers to employees so that the employee can provide an update on their projects.

Asset Tracking Forms

Daily Activity Log Form

A daily activity log form is used as a journal to track daily activities.

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Employee Task Assignment Form

An employee task assignment is a form used by employers to request employee and worker information, assign tasks, and review work progress.

Employee Information Forms

Bug Tracker Form

Are you looking for a form to track bugs? It is a great bug collection tool for a support team to respond to systems issues. Gives the actual bug, browser, OS being used, and urgency on how the issue needs to be sorted. This bug reporting form includes name, email, type, priority, browser, operating system, and details. The users can upload a screenshot about the bug by using this bug tracker form.

Customer Service Forms

Task Log Form

A task log form records business tasks and jobs to help keep a business organized and running smoothly.

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Project Task Assignment Form

An online task assignment form is used to delegate work and track the progress of the project. Whether you’re working as part of a team or on your own, use this template to make sure your project is on track.

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Bug Tracker

Get bug reports with this online form easily to the details you want from the reporter. Browser info, operating system, and user info will be quite useful to solve your bugs.

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Task Assignment Form

The task assignment form is a form template that is used for management to assign tasks to employees.

Human Resources Forms

Daily Task List Entry Form

Daily Task List Entry Form is useful for task list entry, activity tracking, deadline management, progress checking, and more. Customize and access through any mobile device.

Performance Tracking Forms

Task Entry Form

A task entry form is used to track tasks, objectives, and goals. Use our Task Entry Form to help you and your team keep track of your work. No coding!

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Candidate Tracking

Manage all of your candidates for open jobs at your company.

Human Resources Forms

Personal Assistant Time InOut Form

Calculate the number of hours the employee rendered by using this Personal Assistant Time In/Out Form. This form template can be opened on mobile devices that have an internet browser.

Human Resources Forms

Student Behavior Tracking Form

The Student Behavior Tracking Form is a very useful and basic form used by teachers to track the behavior of students in general and during certain hours. Moreover, it does not require any coding.

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Daily Task Details Form

A daily task details form is used by professional organizers to track daily tasks for organizing clients. Whether you run a busy organizing business or want to manage your own home, streamline your home management tasks.

Performance Tracking Forms

Bug Tracking Form

Provides support teams insight about user experiences and difficulties, collects users information for follow-up purposes.

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Pre Task Planning Form

A Pre-Task Planning Form is used by task management software. Collect client information through an online Pre-Task Planning Form to help you plan the task ahead. No coding!

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Student Daily Work Hours Check In Form

You can use a daily student work hours check-in form to track the time students spend on assigned work.

Performance Tracking Forms

Gap Analysis Form

A gap analysis form is used by companies to determine the difference between current and future performance to plan for adjustments. No coding!

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Punch List Form

A punch list form is a document used for assigning tasks to employees in a company or organization and tracking the status of these tasks.

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