New Airtable integration for form data automation and management

New Airtable integration for form data automation and management

If you’re sick and tired of manual data entry and management, our new Airtable integration is the perfect solution for you.

Teams can collect important information, such as name, email, notes, and uploads through Jotform, and automatically have it funneled it into different “bases” and “tables” within Airtable.

The best thing about this integration? It’s flexible.

Teams can send data into not just one, but multiple bases and tables, which is great for companies that want to organize departmental data across their organization. This means

  • The same or different form submissions can be sent into tables under multiple bases
  • It’s 100 percent up to the user to define which form field’s information will be sent to which table and base

Setting up this integration is a breeze. Check out our brief video below on how to get started.

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Pro Tip

Sync form submissions to your spreadsheets seamlessly — try our Airtable integration today.

Airtable in a nutshell

If you didn’t know already, Airtable is a flexible cloud-based collaboration platform that lets teams build their own software without code. Though it might look like a spreadsheet, Airtable has the power of a database, enabling teams to consolidate and track data across their organization.

Airtable’s sheet-like appearance is much more powerful than it appears. It allows users to define their data with “bases” and “tables.”

Screenshot of Integrations Page Choosing an Airtable Base
An example of how Jotform users can easily connect Airtable bases to their forms

A “base” is the foundation of each project — it’s like a folder that holds all of your files and has a comprehensive overview of a project’s information. Each base has “tables,” which can resemble spreadsheet-like grids, calendars, or even kanban boards. As a grid, a table will display all of a project’s specifics laid out in cells, rows, and columns

Airtable also allows for full customization so users can take their data organization up a notch by color coding, linking records to one another, creating charts and maps, and much more.

Of course, your base is only as good as the data inside it, and organizations need a way to get their data into the app – without having employees do it by hand. That’s where Jotform comes into play.

When teams use our Airtable integration, their form submission information is automatically sent into Airtable’s bases and tables, saving time and streamlining their workflow.

Common Jotform + Airtable use cases

Use cases for this integration are vast, including businesses of all sizes, nonprofits, educational institutes, and more.

Organizations can create a base for each department and multiple tables for each base. For example, “HR” could be a base, and tables within HR could be employee information, time off, sick leave, and performance reviews.

Airtable account
Here’s an example of how bases look in an Airtable account

This same organization might have another base called, “sales,” and the tables inside this base could be leads, contact information, customers, and deals in the pipeline.

Another example is for small business owners who focus on one vertical. Event planners, for instance, might need just one base called “event planning,” and they could have different tables for their tasks, including client information, registrations, and vendors.

As you can see, the integration is very flexible and able to meet different needs.

Integrating Airtable into your forms makes it easy to automate, streamline, organize, and manage data. Be sure to try it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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