How Jotform Enterprise powers Pasadena City College teams campus-wide

How Jotform Enterprise powers Pasadena City College teams campus-wide

After managing event registration and student onboarding with a single Jotform account, Pasadena City College upgraded to Jotform Enterprise to create a campus-wide data solution for all staff.

Pasadena City College is renowned for its Pathways First Year Experience program that supports up to 6,000 students annually as they transition from high school to college. After successfully using Jotform to manage the Pathways event registration and onboarding process, Pasadena City College staff quickly realized they would benefit from the multiuser account structure of Jotform Enterprise.

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With multiple logins for the team, staff can quickly and easily share and access student data for processing. To ensure their data stays protected and secure, staff use the single sign-on integration to access their Jotform Enterprise account. The new collaborative approach and secure login streamline access to data and improve data management.

The upgrade to Jotform Enterprise enabled Pasadena City College’s other departments to create similar tailored online experiences for their student events and registration needs. According to Angie Alvarez, Pasadena City College high school relations and college orientation specialist, the web design team now uses Jotform Enterprise for all the forms on the website, creating a uniform, seamless experience for visitors.

Watch the video to hear Alvarez tell Pasadena City College’s story and discover how you can streamline and secure your organization’s data with Jotform Enterprise.

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