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How to Assign Calculation Value

How to Assign Calculation Value

Calculation values are generally used for calculations. It represents the numerical value of an input field. This feature is only available in the following fields:

  • Multiple Choice Field (checkbox)
  • Single Choice Field (radio button)
  • Dropdown Field

To assign calculation values on these fields, follow these steps:

  1. Select the field on your form to highlight it then click the gear icon.
  2. Go to the Options tab.
  3. Toggle the Use Calculation Values option to "On".
  4. Below that option will be a 2-column table showing all the options on the left and a corresponding blank column on the right. This is where you will type in the respective calculation values for each option.
Use Calculation Values

Use Calculation Values

You can either manually enter each calculation value per row or paste values copied on your clipboard in the calculation values as a whole like so:

Paste Value

Paste Value

Instead of typing in 10, 20, 30, and 40 per row, you can paste...


in one go. And that's it - The changes are automatically saved.

Note: For the Dropdown field, the first option must always be zero. This represents the first empty value of the drop-down.

Empty Option
Demo forms: Calculation Values for Single Choice and Dropdown

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  • aprilaustin

    I'm trying to figure out how to do the following:

    Customer chooses a dance routine, adds a photograph package, quantity - calculated and placed in shopping cart.
    For example:

    Routine #1 (value 0) + Package A (value $30) * Qty 2 = $60 (and all this info shows up in cart)

    Customers will be choosing up to 10 routines and packages in one order form.

    Thank you

  • taloush41

    I had shipping as an option for those items that will need to be shipped, however, if someone is saying they want pickup, I do not want to charge them shipping. How do I get around this?

    Please let me know, as I've seen a lot of posts, but they are very confusing.

  • Ed Harbourne

    Hi Team, I want to create a form that calculates someones calories and wondered if that's possible? I think it is but I don't understand how to even with the support on here. Is it possible to speak with a human?

  • Vince_Albanese

    In addition to scoring multiple choice responses, can I also add a unique code to identify each response option?

  • jcannon86x

    can i have different thank you pages according to the form calculation value?

  • 49daboss

    I'd like the person completing the form to ONLY have access to future fields if they answer a specific choice in a preceding question.
    Is that doable??

  • pamelaerich

    Hi! Can I assign multiple calculation fields to populate from one input field?



  • odyssylynden

    How to limit each selected choice in the multiple-choice question to be 10 entries only. It means only 10 submissions for each selected option, once 10 is completed, registrants will not be allowed to select that option.

  • wambuiviolacate

    how do I select multiple choices it is only allowing me to select one at a time

  • jomartinsmartpa

    I have completed the above with drop down values but I don't see the calculation total displayed anywhere?

  • wwicklund

    Help with quiz form. Only 6 of the questions values are adding to the total percentage? I have 15 questions but only 6 add up? What am I missing

  • CruzCarlos

    How to setup payment portion of the form to accept credit card payment based on selection

  • Kutler_Rachel

    Where do the calculations show up? When I go to analyze responses to the form, I don't see the values in the form responses.

  • Jonathan Krespil

    Hi how can I show calculated values on a form, I want the end user to see the information based on their selection

  • robert.bartlett

    is it possible to have the values accumulate for check out with the my products widget?

  • dennisjstone

    is there a way to have multiple answers to a question end up in separate cells in an excel report? e.g. which of the following are you interested in? a person choses three out of 5. could each one of these be in a separate cell for sorting purposes?

  • SeafoodLover

    Can I close the "empty option"
    I dont want the "empty option" to be in the dropbox list at all.

    can we do that?

  • nbsMobile

    Can you send emails on a scheduler on a drop-down, based on which person is selected? Li

  • Sportco

    How can I get the calculated result in the end?

  • glitzamor

    How do my customers see how much their balance is after entering calculated value?

  • bowercenter305

    Is there a way to add the calculation value from a single select to the amount due box within the Square Integration, rather that the customer having to make a selection AND enter the amount?

  • Tamk

    after adding the all option values the final calculation is inappropriate settled as per the template used, is there any way out where calculation will happen the way we want. Please share any video to help as demo...

  • BringitonSports

    Hello i can not find the add calculations field

  • MiavB

    I'm struggling to access the options tab. It does not seem clickable. What am I doing wrong?


  • luxereloaded


    I am loving your software so far, thank you!

    I created a quiz, each correct answer has 1 point each.

    I am trying to get the points to add up and calculate the total of current answers when submitted. I am having problems doing this.

    Please help, it is quite urgent as this quiz is meant to go out tomorrow :(.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • engagewisdom

    For a Select Multiple form entry, with calculation values assigned to each option, It appears that the calculation value is always the sum of the items selected. Is that the only option? Are other functions available, like the product of the selected values?

    And although I've added some negative numbers as values, it appears to sum the absolute value of the selected items. Is there any way to include negative values and get the true sum?

  • Anandu

    HOW CAN I SET THE TIME LIMIT FOR MY QUIZ. I need to automatically submit the quiz after 3 minutes..

  • Anandu D S

    I created a quiz containing 5 questions. And i assigned the point of. 10 to each question. But. It did not show any result of the quiz in submission.
    Please it is urgentt

  • alsharefa

    it doesnt show calculation value plz help

  • leoaccount

    My form seems to only partially calculate. 20 questions, 5 points each. I completed 18 correct yet the score shows 25.

  • asabah

    I've created a quiz with points for each question but i didn't get the total points in submission?

  • HandmadeWithLove78

    I need help with this feature! I have sent a few messages and would like to start using this form. Can you please look at at my from and see why i am unable to see the numbers and calculations on my form please

  • jmclark634

    I have a product discounted lines included in the drop-down that are listed:

    1. Buy 1 Get 1 half off
    2. Buy 6 take 30% off order
    3. Buy 12 items take 50% off order

    How to calculate this under calculations value?

    Thank you,

  • LaurenThompson

    I have multiple fields and wanted to know how you would get the online form ton provide a complete calculation at the end of a survey for example?

  • talk_enterprises

    This method does not bring up the $ symbol if instructions are followed.

  • FGOps

    How do I calculate the weight from pounds to kilos to grams?

  • khairi.khalid

    how to set if i need for example on Monday 1st week and 2nd week at 9 am only 2 persons available can book the form. Because now i just setting for a day not a specific time for available person can book. Thank you

  • dengel72

    In order to have these calculatable in a spreadsheet integration, having each option cost with its own column in the sheet would be great, or alternately some sort of multi-sheet setup. F/E, I have a list of options but when using Sheets integration, the values aren't in the spreadsheet. My homebrew solution is to keep those items separately in a second sheet, but it means double-work and a double-place to change manage.

  • teamhigher

    This is a great feature and very useful. I was hoping to use one of the widgets for a more stylish radio button, like "lined radio buttons" or "square radio buttons" but I see that none of those have an option for using calculation values. Am I missing something? or is there another way to add those values when using the widgets. I've tried all of the radio button widget types and none seem to have this option.


  • pvillanuevab

    Cómo se hace para que aparezca el campo de abajo? el primero (el de arriba) ya complete los valores númericos de cada opción, la pregunta es cómo se hace para que aparezca el valor numérico de acuerdo a la elección realizada.

  • adebayostark123

    My Calculation values are not adding up its instead its just appending into numeric field e.g after clicking two options it results to "1,1" instead of two

  • Gary W Mussleman

    For shipping I am wanting to use the USPS "flat rate" service. The items being shipped are videos tapes, which means different sizes. Here is my reality:
    1 VHS = 3 VHS-C
    1 VHS = 6 Mini DV

    So there are basically three different sizes of tapes.

    There are 4 different flat rate boxes.
    Box A can hold 1 VHS
    Box B can hold 6 VHS
    Box C can hold 10 VHS
    Box D can hold 15 VHS

    If a person has a mixture of tape formats, I am wanting the form to be able to calculate which Biox is best for their shipping needs.

    Any way to do this.?

    Thanks in advance.

  • impactonmemphis

    How do I get the $ to show in price field?

  • fanlow

    Is it possible to set the assigned calculation values as subscription plans? If so, what are the steps to go about it?

  • markbrennanfitness

    When I paste a set of values to one single choice field, then paste another set of values to another single choice field, the FIRST single choice field updates to be the same as the SECOND.

  • STEMLab1

    Thank you this was helpful

  • YarraJFL

    how do i make the form make the choice unavailable once a certain amount of people have chosen this field.

    for example
    check box AM
    Check box PM

    I want to close down the option to use "checkbox AM" once this box once 80 respondents have chosen

    can you please help

    how do i do this?

  • joelrtaub3939

    Very confusing to me. What I need instead of the field choice name showing up on a spread sheet down load, I just need a character, ie 1 to show up for each choice made. Can you show how to do this for a dummy?

  • joelrtaub3939

    I want a number 1 to be downloaded to my excel spreadsheet, so I tried to put a simple 2-1= that didn't work, tried to put a 1 value in but that didn't work either. What do I do?

  • TeamJOC


    We are trying to include a user supplied option so what value do we fill in the Calculation Values if we don’t know what it is. Is there something to fill in so it will pull the value from whatever our user enters?