Performing Calculations With Input Table

February 21, 2024

This guide shows how to perform calculations using Input Table and Form Calculation. Input Table can be found under the Basic tab in Form Elements.

The Input Table elemet in Jotform Form Builder

To perform calculations with Input Table

  1. In the Form Builder, select your Input Table’s gear icon to open properties.
  2. In the properties panel on the right, go to Options at the top.
  3. Enter your calculation values according to your table’s dimensions.
    Separate the values with commas for columns and break lines for rows.
Steps to add Calculation Values in Jotform Form Builder's Input Table


The Calculation Values option works with radio buttons and checkboxes. See Input Types for more information.

  1. For the calculations, add a Form Calculation widget to your form.
  2. Select the widget’s wand icon to open settings.
  3. In the settings panel on the right, select Add Field, then choose your Input Table.
Steps to add an Input Table in Form Calculation widget
  1. Choose your table’s sub-fields to use in your calculations, then select Done at the bottom.
Performing Calculations With Input Table Image-1

This will add the sub-fields in the calculation editor without operators. Sub-fields are either the rows or cells in your table, depending on the input type.

Performing Calculations With Input Table Image-2
  1. Complete your formula in the editor, then select Save at the bottom once you’re done.
A calculation example to get the sum of all sub-fields in Input Table

Here’s a demo form to see what it looks like. To learn more, see How to Perform Form Calculation Using a Widget.

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