Quick Overview of Form Elements

April 9, 2022

Jotform has pretty much any type of Form Elements you might need. Take a look at the complete list below and get a brief description of each one of them.

Quick Elements

  1. Header: A Header briefly explains what your form is about. Use the Subheader if you want to add more details.
  2. Full Name: A predefined field with first and last name options. Use this as opposed to adding two Textboxes to make things easier.
  3. Email: The Email field offers a built-in validation for the proper email format.
  4. Address: Allows users to enter their complete address with predefined fields.
  5. Phone: Predefined phone number field to capture phone numbers.
  6. Date Picker: A way to collect dates. This also offers an optional Time field.
  7. Appointment: To set up appointments in your form with a limited number of bookings per slot.
  8. Signature: For collecting e-signature in your forms that are legally binding.
  9. Fill In The Blank: Display and collect answers in a sentence/paragraph-like format.
  10. Product List: A base payment element that allows you to set up products in your form and connect it to a payment processor later on.

Basic Elements

  1. Short Text Entry: Commonly known as a textbox, your bread and butter as a general use field. Use this for collecting single line answers from your users.
  2. Long Text Entry: Commonly known as textarea that is used for comments, suggestions, additional ideas, or anything that requires long answers.
  3. Paragraph (HTML Text): A powerful tool that provides text information to your form. You can style your text with the element’s built-in formatting.
  4. Dropdown: Dropdown menus are used with category related questions.
  5. Single Choice: Commonly known as a radio button, this is used for collecting single choice answers.
  6. Multiple Choice: Commonly known as a checkbox, this is used when you want to allow 2 or more options selected.
  7. Number: A number field to capture any kind of number.
  8. Image: This allows you to add an image for your form. Easily brand your form with your own logo.
  9. File Upload: Allow your users to upload a file to your form.
  10. Time: Use this if you want users to fill out time in hours and minutes.
  11. Captcha: Captcha lowers the likelihood of your form being spammed with multiple submissions. You can also enable ReCaptcha which is an advanced captcha service from Google.
  12. Spinner: Makes it easier to input numbers.
  13. Submit: This is always required. Without a Submit button, users won’t be able to submit the form.

Survey Elements

  1. Input Table: Formerly known as the Matrix Field, this allows you to display input fields in a table format.
  2. Star Rating: Useful to get ratings, it can be in several shapes – Stars, light bulbs, etc.
  3. Scale Rating: Used for ratings based on a scale.

Page Elements

  1. Divider: Add a line that divides up sections of your form.
  2. Section Collapse: Formerly known as form collapse, this is used to show/hide additional sections of the form. Useful in splitting your form into expandable parts.
  3. Page Break: Splits your form into multiple pages. Works best with a heading to indicate each page.


Payment with Authorize.Net Integration

Payment Elements allows you to collect payments through various international payment processors and gateways. Here’s a complete list of all payment processors we integrate with. And if you’re not decided yet which one to use, read our article on Which Payment Processor Is the Best for Your Business.


Jotform Widgets (Youtube, Data Grid, Terms & Conditions)

These are small plugins that you can add directly to your form. It provides advanced features and options that you won’t find on regular Form Fields. To learn more about widgets, you can check our guide on How to Add a Widget to Your Form.

Jotform also offers Integrations that provide a variety of added features and functionality that can’t be found on our regular Fields, Payments Processors, and Widgets.

What do you think about the collection of fields Jotform offers? What should be added/removed? Share your thoughts with us below so we can improve our service.

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