How to Insert Text or Calculation Into a Field Conditionally

March 15, 2024

If you need to perform calculations, assign values, or insert text into a field conditionally, Jotform provides a powerful feature called Update/Calculate Field conditional logic. This feature enables you to dynamically change form field values based on specific conditions.

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To insert text or calculation into a field

  1. In the Form Builder, go to Settings at the top.
  2. Select Conditions on the left.
  3. Add a new Update/Calculate Field condition.
Steps to create a new Update/Calculate Field condition in Jotform Form Builder
  1. Set DO to Calculate a field’s value.
Conditional logic's Calculate Field Value option in Jotform Form Builder

A new section will appear where you can edit and build your formula.

The Update/Calculate Field's formula editor in Jotform Form Builder

Performing Calculations

The Update/Calculate Field conditional logic allows you to perform calculations conditionally. In the following example form, the conditional logic will output the product of two fields only if the first one is filled.

A multiplication calculator form

Here’s what the conditional logic looks like:

A multiplication calculation conditional logic
  • IF: Multiplicand
  • STATE: Is Filled
  • DO: Calculate a field’s value — Multiplicand * Multiplier
  • SUMMARY: Product

The field labels’ trailing [0-9] indicates that their values are numeric.

Inserting a Text

Aside from dynamic values, you can also assign or insert specific texts into a field conditionally using Update/Calculate Field by entering the value in your DO statement. In the following example form, the conditional logic will insert “Hello World” into the Output field when “Yes” is selected.

A sample form for inserting texts

Here’s what the conditional logic looks like:

A sample conditional logic for inserting texts
  • IF: Insert “Hello World” into Output?
  • STATE: Is Equal To
  • VALUE: Yes
  • DO: Calculate a field’s value — “Hello World”
  • SUMMARY: Output

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