How To Create Form Reports in JotForm

Last Update: June 3, 2016

It does not matter if you’re running a small website, or a large organization- seeing your results in an easy to understand report is essential. JotForm not only gives you the ability to collect data from people, but also to view it in a variety of different types of reports. These allow you to see the latest updates from your users all in one place.

JotForm has several different reports that you can use, which are described below.

  1. HTML Table Listing Report

  2. Grid Listing report

  3. Visual Report

  4. CSV Report

  5. Calendar Report

  6. Excel Report

  7. RSS Listing Report

All JotForm reports hold the option to add password and protect them from any people that should not or no longer see them.

Benefits of JotForm reports include:

  1. View an overview your submissions

  2. Manage who and when can access / see them

  3. Manage the data that can be seen

  4. Access them from any location with an internet connection

  5. Create as many as you need per form

  6. Easily modify the report or remove it completely

To create a report simply navigate to the MyForms page, and select the form you’d like to create a report for. Then click the Report, and then Add New Report button.

This will bring up a list of possible report options for that form.

Select the report type you’d like, then follow the instruction below for it.

HTML Table Listing Report

Want to have a table, but do not want to have to open Excel every time? HTML Table Listing report is probably the option for you. It will allow you to quickly view all the form submissions online. You can sort them by name by clicking the field heading.

It displays thumbnails of photos, and you click them for a larger preview.

Take a look at it in action to see for yourself: HTML Table Listing Report

Excel Reports

Most people, when they hear “report”, the first thing they are thinking is Excel. There is a good reason for this - it is simple and offers all functions that you need to collect, save and process your data.

For this reason we give you the option to download Excel file - to be able to utilize the power of Excel and make further calculations or business predictions.

If you are familiar with JotForm you will know there is also the option to download the Excel file from within the Submissions Panel. Downloading the excel file from the Submissions panel will give you all the results. The benefit to using the Excel report is that it will allow you to select only the columns you need.

The Excel report can be opened with any compatible application including Google Spreadsheets, Microsoft Office, Libre Calc and any other Excel alternative.

Check out the following link to see a sample of an Excel Report.

Grid Listing Report

Although the name may not have a lot of draw, this is one of our favorites. The reason is that it has all the features you need from a table like report, and many extras.

It is similar to the HTML Table Listing, but unlike it, you can hide or display columns as you please. This allows you to create custom reports as you go.

Another great feature is its search functionality. You can quickly find the info you’re looking for.

It automatically compacts the data from widgets or complex fields, such as the Address field. The empty fields are not shown. You can set it up in seconds.

Notice the bar in the bottom, which gives you more features:

  1. Advance through the pages (next and previous, first and last)

  2. Refresh submissions (to show the latest ones)

  3. Search submissions

  4. Displays the number of currently displayed submissions

You can see it here: Grid Listing Report.

Visual Report

This report is a staple for many, as it’s the most customizable and graphically visual. It allows you to take the parts that you want and display them in attractive charts and graphs, as well as including the grid format if desired. This is what monthly reports are made of along with quarterly and annual reports.

Take a look here for an example:

Details on Visual Report filters can be found here, How To Use Visual Report Filters which allow you to create several Visual Reports each for a branch, segment, or particular piece of information that you’d like.

You may want to have a report for only a certain branch of your company and not include the values from other branches.

You can quickly sort through them by matching any or all filters. The results are shown immediately.

CSV Report

CSV reports are for those who might use Excel, or may prefer to load their information into a separate or custom built application. It’s an extremely simple way to transfer data- by separating each value by a comma.

Opened in notepad:

You can see it here:

Calendar Report

This is a great way to see what data was received and when. Notice the ‘dots’ on the dates. Clicking them will open up a submission for that form.

If you click on it again it will bring up the full results of that submission.

Please see this link below for a full example of a calendar report.

RSS Listing Report

RSS is a type of feed that allows you to subscribe with any Feed app or application and get notifications of new submissions right on your desktop or your app. There are also browser extensions that allow you to read. Here are some example RSS Readers.




Here’s a sample JotForm RSS feed, which can be subscribed to via any RSS reader:

If you have any questions to ask, feel free to do that on our forum. We are more than happy to hear from you.


readychefgo (June 15, 2016 at 02:33 AM)

Some of the fields on the form are not appearing onto the pdf form

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GFS (March 29, 2017 at 05:37 AM)

Hi, I work for a charity that has over 30 different 'branches'.

All enquiries go through the same form, but submitters choose their branch from a drop down. Is it possible to customise the report so that only those who, for example, have chosen "London Branch" are visible in a spreadsheet - or even have a select response correspond to an individual email?

It's very tedious having to open the whole report and copy and paste select responses into a separate spreadsheet and then email that spreadsheet on to the branch leader every time there is a new enquiry.


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Ruby5895 (June 15, 2017 at 12:17 PM)

Why do I need this??

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andrewcoplon (August 20, 2017 at 08:03 PM)

Do you have to be a paid user to make reports?

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